Updating your homeware

September 26, 2016

One of the things I love the most about owning my own home is that I can decorate it however I please and not have to ask anyone’s permission (sorry Dann I know you’d probably like some say in the house decor, but nope!).
The only downside is that homeware can be very pricey, especially if like me, you change your mind a fair amount!

We bought our house in March 2015 and have only decorated once in the time – go us! However I’m feeling a bit of an update is needed for a couple of the rooms. Our bedroom is going to be having an entire overhaul, but I’ll probably post about that separately when we actually get round to doing it. The other room I want to update is our living room. It’s the hub of our home, and one of my favourites. It’s had a few changes made to it since Henry arrived (and just before during my nesting stage) including the rearrangement of our seating area, a tidy of our storage, and movement of the artwork and entomology on the walls.

Now I’m looking at creating a new feel to the room by adding a splash of colour to the otherwise quite neutral pallette we have. I toyed with a couple of ideas – I am in love with orange as a colour at the moment – and have landed on gold and navy blue as my extra colours. I’m hoping the gold will and a little brightness and sophistication, and the navy will be good against stains (kids eh!) and add a new depth to the room.

As we can’t afford an entire room overhaul I’m just adding a few little bits around the room to pull in the new themes. I’ve put together a little wishlist here, from my pinterest to show you how you can add a little colour in the easiest and cheapest way possible.

1. Hydrangea Vase – I LOVE hydrangeas, and this blue is perfect to give a little lift to my TV unit, plus they’ll last forever!

2. Navy Blanket – Autumn calls for cosy blankets am I right? We love blankets in my house and have a drawer filled with them, but I think I need to add this to my collection.

3. Agate Stand – I love my oddities, and this is just gorgeous. TK Maxx is just killing it with their homeware, and I can already feel a Homesense spree coming on.

4. Velvet Cushion – velvet is everywhere right now, and I’m loving it. I adore the luxe look of it, even if the feel kind of gives me the chills.

5. Gold Lamp – I really need a lamp to go in the corner of the room so I don’t have to keep using our overhead lighting in the evenings. Table and floor lamps just give such a cosy feel to a room, and this one is so so pretty!

6. Navy and Gold Cushion – OK half this post is inspired by Maisons Du Monde because their lookbooks are so on point right now! And this cushion kind of represents everything I want from my living room.

What about you? How will you be updating your homeware this autumn, and where should I go to get some more inspiration??
Check out my Pinterest for more inspiration. 

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  1. Alice Spake says:

    Omg I love all of this!!! The blue is gorgeous and works so well with the gold. XxAnniewritesbeauty.co.uk

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