Mumma multitasking skincare with Bee Good

October 14, 2016

Life is a bit manic as a parent. So much time is dedicated to looking after your little ones and making sure they are happy, healthy and cared for. Free time is not exactly in abundance, and that free time is usually used for eating, downing a glass of wine, and catching up on your favourite TV shows before getting that much relished sleep. Skincare really isn’t high on the agenda, and unfortunately after giving birth and dealing with lack of sleep and general day to day skin trauma, your beauty regime is very much needed.

Luckily there are multitasking skincare options out there to give us mums a helping hand, minimising our time spent in the bath room, whilst giving us ladies beautiful skin again. 

NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask* from Bee Good is the UK’s first multi-usage head-to-toe enzyme treatment mask, and it is a must for every mum.

This mask is a 4-in-1 at home face and body treatment mask perfect for a Friday night pamper session. It can be incorporated into any beauty regime, no matter your age or skin type, plus it addresses hormonal challenged complexions (yay, damn you pregnancy and post natal hormones). 

This mask is packed with goodness, including wildflower honey (of course) from British bees which is rich in antioxidants, high in essential amino acids and protects against fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, natural waxes, propolis and bisabolol and plant oils; which all work together to balance challenged skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and rescue parched and lacklustre skin, whilst restoring radiance – and it’s so very natural!   

So what you can do with this treatment mask? 

(as according to Bee Good)

Facial Complexion Booster: refines, hydrates and visibly improves skin suppleness whilst targeting the signs of ageing

Weekly Scalp Treatment: gently removes dead skin cells to help visibly hydrate and deliver moisture the parched skin

Hands rescue remedy: to moisturise and restore vitality to hands and cuticles

SOS Mask: on dry or challenged areas such as elbows, knees and feet to soften and gently remove dead skins cells.

I think what I love most about this is how you can use it on almost on any part of your body, it compliments your normal skincare routine, and to be honest smells utterly beautiful. It has a sweet but natural honey smell, which is perfect for your face and well any bit of you.

As a mum, this has worked magic on my hands, but I also love it for my face too, especially as I don’t have a great deal of time to have a really intense facial cleansing routine. 

You can buy NectaPerfecta exclusively from QVC or direct from Bee Good.

*PR Sample – opinions are my own 

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