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Thursday, 10 November 2016

27 facts about me

Well this morning I turn 27 years old!
I tell you, that makes me feel well and truly old, and creeping ever closer to 30.
I'm pretty certain I should feel like I have my shit together by now, but honestly, even with all the 'adulty' things I've done,I still feel like a kid trying to find my way around life (I imagine it's the same feeling a duck would have if they tried to paddle through treacle -tricky and slightly sticky).

But I have had a good run so far.
I've achieved a lot, and am pretty damn happy with my lot, and know that my life is really rather good, apart from when the hormones take over!

So in honour of turning the grand old age of 27 I thought I'd share some little known facts about me.

1. I really love TV series like Ice Road Truckers and Motorway Patrol - I watched a lot of them in the early days after Henry was born at 3am.

2. My favourite scent is anything in orange/satsuma/mandarin.

3. The only games console game I'm any good at is the Lego ones for Playstation 3.

4. I collect raglan baseball shirts, usually designed by tattooists.

5. I had white blonde hair as a child, it's now naturally dark brown.

6. I can watch a TV series several times in a row without getting bored. I once watched the Gilmore Girls six times in a row when I was home a lot with Henry.

7. My maiden name is Lovett. I had planned to change it to Lewis (my mothers maiden name) before I met Dann and knew that I'd marry him.

8. I drink three cups of tea a day, minimum.

9. I also collect Disney mugs - I have five currently.

10. I currently have about five tattoo design ideas in my head - and zero funds!

11. I was obsessed with Egypt as a teenager, and it's still on my bucket list of places to visit.

12. I mostly cut my own fringe...with kitchen scissors...I'm aware I probably shouldn't.

13. I love badgers and will basically buy anything with them on it!

14. I used to hate coffee - now I'll drink it every time I'm out (I'm a real coffee kind of girl)

15. I can touch-type, and completely self-taught.

16. I've travelled abroad at least once a year since I was 18. 2016 will be the first year I won't be going abroad.

17. My favourite flowers are orange roses.

18. I can't stand peanuts and hazlenuts. The taste of them literally make me sick.

19. I'm terrible at keeping house-plants alive. I'm currently trying to resurrect a cactus and an orchid.

20. My favourite place in the world is Marlow, Buckinghamshire. It brings back so many happy memories.

21. I have really bad circulation, but I find it hugely satisfying putting my very cold feet on Dann's legs at night - he does not find it as satisfying.

22. I always wanted to have my first child at the age of 26, like my mother. This year I achieved that.

23. Chuck and Blair are life.

24. My favourite dessert is M&S Key lime pie!!

25. My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast, and I am super excited to see the live action version in March 2017.

26. I learnt to drive so I could do work experience whilst studying at university. I absolutely HATE driving and avoid it now at all costs. It's about the only thing that makes me anxious.

27. The strangest food I've ever eaten is Kudoo sausages (antelope) whilst I was in South Africa - it was pretty good, but nothing compares to the fresh oranges. I also rode an elephant whilst out there. It was amazing!

So there you have it - 27 facts about me, for my 27th birthday! I'll be eating ALL the food now! Until the next birthday.....

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  1. Love the list! Happy Birthday ! and number 23 is so true! Chuck and Blair ARE life.

    Aurélie x

    1. Haha my husband cringed when he saw that!

  2. Love this list too! The resurrection of the cactus made me giggle and no 23 is of course spot on Rach! Happy birthday x

    1. Thanks lovely! Knew you'd like no. 23 xx


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