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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

98 thoughts while watching the Gilmore Girls Revival

I'll start this with a huge SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't watched.... Do not read!!!

The Gilmore Girls was a huge part of my teen years. My sister and I used to love the show, and when it appeared on Netflix I was literally over the moon. I mean Lorelai and Rory were an amazing pair! Then when they announced the Year in a Life I was practically counting down the days to the return.

I'll leave my final thoughts til the end of the post, but thought I'd share my thoughts whilst watching the revival series!

Here goes...

1. OMG an hour and a half of this magical Starshollow goodness. I'm so excited!!
2. Snowy Starshollow is so beautiful. Can you actually get anywhere more perfect!
3. And Lorelai has a point, Rory does look amazing for having been on a plain for 7 hours! Actually she looks amazing for 32!
4. Wow what happened to Miss Patty, she's about half the size!!! 
5. Lane also hasn't aged at all. She just got a cute haircut.
6. Yay Luke's in the kitchen!!
7. Wow the size of that bow.
8. Hmmm tacos would be good right now.
9. Who's Paul?
10. Oh dear, poor Paul. Two whole years... and none of them remembered him!
11. So stress tap dancing is a thing. I could really get on board with this.
12. So they just have hot coffee ready in the middle of the night? That's organisation!
13. So Taylor hasn't aged at all in nine years.
14. Ummm and Michel hasn't aged either! But he did get married. That's cute.
15. Where's Sookie??
16. WOw that is a painting and a half... or a whole wall!
17. All the sad feels. I miss Richard!
18. You know when there's a car wreak and you just have to look, and you can't look away, this is basically Lorelai and Emily in a euphemism. 
19. Oh Paris, never change! (or age apparently,  I reckon Starshollow is just a magical place where literally no one ages at all!!) 
20. Yayy Logan! Is it possible he got better looking. Yes, yes it is.
21. I wonder who Rory will end up with?!

22. Love Lorelai's dress so much
23. How on earth is Rory affording all these plan trips?!? 
24. Oh my god.... Mr Kim actually exists!!! He actually exists!! 
25. Yayyy Logan!!! 
26. A town meeting, about time too. Wait, where's Miss Patty?
27. Michel having a meltdown, also about time! 
28. Awww they're so so cute! Why are they keeping it secret.... this better not end badly!
29. What happened to Kirk's hair? He looks like Frankenstein! 
30. Oh my God the pig is just too cute!
31. I could genuinely watch Kirk films all day. 
32. Oh that skirt is gorgeous too... Lorelai's style is proper on point. 
33. Why are Paris and Rory dressed like 40 year olds, instead of 30 year olds?!
34. That was a lot of sperm talk. 
35. A Paris meltdown... fabulous!
36. Wow that globe is HUGE!!
37. OMGosh cute little kids! I can't quite picture Paris as a mother though. 
38. Three phones. Really love the heart stickers on that flip phone. Although that phone is huge.... and why aren't they together!?!? Whyyyyy?!?!?
39. Oh that blue skirt is divine... go Rory! Oh and the shoes!!!
40. Oh Rory...
41. That did not go well.

42. That tote bag is goals but what's the deal with Rory's hat??
43. Wow April is stunning!! Though that hat... what is it with hats in this episode?
44. Oh so she kept the giant phone.
45. Oh no. I think my heart might break. Logan was my favourite!
46. Seriously, where is Miss Patty?
47. Roundbottom... seriously.... that's hilarious. I think Lorelai and I would totally be besties.
48. Good old child labour in Starshollow.
49. They are just throwing out the Games of Thrones references in this episode.
50. What's with the retro hippy look Rory?!?!?
51. There's not going to be anyone there is there...maybe like two people.... yep two people.
52. Please don't leave Michel, we need your sass so so much!
53. Pretty sure that PC is actually older than Rory. And the radio!! And probably the scotch too.
54. Not a single one of them looks 30-something, 20-something probably and quite possibly high!!
55. Why don't we have porches like America? They're so so quaint and pretty. Probably lots of maintenance. And I can't keep anything alive that is green. My porch would be hideous. That's probably why we don't have them.
56. I'd genuinely pay money to watch that show - it's so so bad, but so so hilarious.
57. How is she still filing?
58. Wow Jess bulked up.... I don't know how to feel about this?
59. Oh Jess, being the sensible one, this is unusual - but a Gilmore Girls book.... GENIUS!!
60. Oh no, why is Lorelai doing this? This does not bode well for the rest of the episode.
61. Yep I was right, this episode is going down then pan faster than Usain Bolt.
62. That was a dramatic ending...

63. How will Lorelai survive a hiking trail? She can barely survive in Starshollow!
64. Why so many locks? Surely the crime rate in Starshollow must be so low they could literally leave their doors open with no fear?!
65. OK I love this new Jess!
66. Oh my God is this the Life and Death Brigade?!? IT IS!!!!!!
67. Yayyy LOGANNNNN!!!!!
68. If Rory and Logan dance i'll die.... on the spot!!
69. Yep I literally just died.
70. A house, why has no one given me a house yet?? And why the F are those two not together. Come on, they're meant to be together! TEAM LOGAN all the way!
71. Oh those boys.They are literally the best guys.
72. Did they just break up. For real this time. NO no no no!!
73. She's never going to make it onto the trail is she?
74. Oh no, all the tears are coming.
75. Yep I knew it.... now she just needs to run up to Luke and kiss him!!
76. Luke just shut up.... she's clearly going to say something amazing!!
77. I'm going to cry again....
78. Where the F is he going???
80. Aww she's going to write her book at Richard's desk, that is just too beautiful (yep tears again! This episode is going to ruin my make up completely).
81. Argh how is Starshollow so perfect in absolutely every season?!? It's like the perfect Instagram land!
82. She came bearing Chinese food - good girl!!
83. Oh my God! THE BOOK!
84. Ha ha if only all guest lists were that easy! 
85. How is Miss Celine still alive? How old is she?
86. Oh so Christopher hasn't aged either. I NEED to move to Starshollow asap, no one has gotten older in 10 years!
87. I don't know how I feel about this new Emily.
88. Oh Dean... of course they would bump into each other in the grocery store... and he has kids!
89. He looks much better a little dishevelled!
90. That is a lot of cakes!
91. Yes Sookie!!!! I'm so bloody pleased she's finally in it!!
92. OK yeah I love this Jess.
93. Yay Lorelai, the book will be amazing!
94. There better be a real wedding too...I need to see THE dress! But this is so so cute!
95. Oh Kirk did all that. It's beautiful!!
96. Oh my gosh, SO. MANY. TEARS!

OK so I'm pretty certain my jaw just hit the floor and dislocated with shock. Rory... pregnant!!
This can only mean that they are going to continue this right?
Honestly I don't know how to feel about another season of Gilmore Girls. Part of me is literally over the moon because, well Gilmore Girls, is there ever too much? But a part of me is a little disappointed. I kind of just wanted closure and a happy ending. Though this must mean the baby is Logan's which means maybe, just maybe, they'll end up together, which makes me VERY happy. But then again, maybe they'll throw a spanner in there and it'll be someone else's, maybe Jess and it was a really good secret, because they really must, and I mean MUST finish this!

Have you seen the revivial? What were your thoughts - let me know below, and send me links to your Gilmore Girls blog posts too!   

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