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Thursday, 17 November 2016

A lesson in MAC

You guys know I'm not a beauty blogger, but man do I love playing with make up. I just really can't afford the good stuff so I've always stayed clear of the bblogger realm. But with beauty blogger friends, it was only a matter of time before I gave in and started to learn about some of the best beauty buys and trends. 

After a recent blogger event at MAC in Westquay, and of course seeing MAC featured in any self-respecting bloggers beauty stock, I jumped at the chance to get a make-up lesson with one of their artists. So off I went last Friday, and I just had to share the experience with you guys. 

So I'll start off my saying that I was a teeny tiny bit nervous about this, especially as the girls in there are just perfectly made up, and well, I kind of resemble someone who has been dragged through the make-up counter backwards, on a good day. Plus when I realised I was actually going to be doing some of the make-up myself I was a little daunted. 

To start we discussed skincare routine - or well lack of in my case. And then general make-up routine, again in my case, lack of. I'm a mascara, brows and a bold lip kind of girl on a good day. On a very good day I'll add some winged eyeliner. However I used to adore eyeshadows, and loved to mix my neutral tones together. We also talked about what things I'd like to learn about. For me, it was all about making my face look a little more shapely - i.e. how on earth do I contour, and where the F does highlighter actually go on my face?!?! 

My lovely make-up artist Char went off to create my look based on our chat, and the fact I was going out that evening. We were going for something I could replicate myself, simple and neutral. 
I've listed all the products at the end just so you know! 

We started with a light base and to be honest I now hate my normal skin so I'm going to have to invest soon I think. Then concealer, bronze, blush, contour and highlighter. OMG the highlight.... girls the highlight was REAL!! I totally get the hype now. Then onto brows. Now I'm usually a powder girl, being blessed with rather thick brows I just need a little help creating some definition, but the MAC pencil was something else. I'm really converted. Then onto eyes, we blended and blended and I've got to say it reminded me how much I adore wearing eyeshadows - especially when Char complemented me on my blending skills! Also the MAC mascara is AMAZING. For a girl with the thinnest and shortest lashes on the planet - apparently Henry got my extra lashes - this, alongside a little curling - made my lashes look great! And  finally the lip. Now I've heard so much about Velvet Teddy, but I'm so in love! It's at the top of my Christmas list.   

All in all, I had such a fun and educational visit to MAC, and would happily have my face done there all the time. Now to get my shadows out again and get playing! 

Products and Tools
Foundation: Pro Longwear Nourishing in NW20
Concealer: Pro Longwear NW25
Brows: Lingering (twist up) pencil
Brow Highlight: All that glitters
Eyelid: Kid (all over colour) &  Painterly (cream base for eye)
Crease: Expreson (to deepen outer corner)
Mascara: Zoom Lash
Powder: Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Tan
Blush: Dainty Blush
Contour: Harmony
Highlight: Soft & Gentle
Lip Pencil: Boldy Bare
Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

This post is not sponsored or gifted, I just really loved the experience and wanted to share. Maybe one of you will now have the courage to get out there and have a little make-over too!

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  1. Love this post! Big up the power of the highlighter!

    1. Thanks lovely!! Oh I know right - changed my life!!! ha ha xx


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