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Monday, 21 November 2016

Behind the scenes of a family/lifestyle blogger

I've been a lifestyle blogger for over a year now, and a general blogger for over two years. In that time I've gone through a number of changes on a personal level, which have impacted my blogging life.

Blogging is a huge hobby to undertake. It comes with so many added extras if you let it. If you want to make money, or collaborate with brands, you have to promote and engage. You need to be 'out there' on social media. You need to write, and photograph, and edit. You need to plan and schedule. It's practically a 24/7 job even if it's just a hobby - I can't imagine the time and commitment required for running a blog full time.

So what is it really like running a blog as a family and lifestyle blogger?

The lifestyle bit is relatively simple - have a life. Of course that does come with its own dilemmas. To blog about lifestyle, you kind of need to lead a somewhat interesting life, which can be problematic, especially if you have a full time job, or small children, or are in a little bit of a financial slump. Weekends are probably our best time for adding in my lifestyle posts. Not only do I get content for the blog, but we get to do something as a family, create new memories and capture the moments in photos. It's almost a win-win-win situation.

The content isn't always the hard bit, though of course we all have our writers' block moments.
The tricky part is finding the time to pull everything together for the internet to see.

If you think it's hard before babies, it is infinitely harder with them!

Not only do you have the mass of new and very strange hormones, (think period hormones on steroids with a touch of hangry thrown in) you have a temperamental baby who WILL do a poo explosion the second you sit down to start writing.

Don't worry - of course things do get easier, and eventually you'll find your own rhythm.

Luckily as I am off still on maternity leave I find I can do most of my copy writing and social media whilst Henry has his naps. He's going through a slightly needy stage so I tend to curl up in bed next to him and do stuff on my phone, if I'm not having a nap myself!

Henry is now at an age where he is quite happy to play by himself for a little while, either on his playmat or in his jumperoo, so I do occasionally do some copywriting or social media scheduling then too.

Bedtime comes at 7pm for Henry, with a bath at 6:30pm. We try to take it in turns to do Henry's bedtime feed and story, though admittedly Dann usually does them more often than I do. The other cooks dinner if we haven't had it before bedtime which is something we are working on. Then I tend to sit at the computer and edit any outstanding photographs and load them into blogger as well as do any copy writing, plan new blog posts, and well anything blog related really.

It really is a huge juggling act (one that involves chainsaws, flaming batons and balancing on a rubber ball!) and it can be incredibly hard some days. But I love this little corner of the internet. I love creating a life to be proud of, and this blog motivates me to be a better person and really experience life. And who can ask for more than that?

Post inspired by this post by Hannah Gale.


  1. You do so good for such a busy life!
    Emily-May xo

    1. Aww thank you so much huni! That means alot. xx

  2. Hey Rachel!

    You are a true inspiration! That's awesome to read a behind the scenes post :)



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