Teething Troubles

November 26, 2016

We’ve hit that age where teething is an everyday worry.
Alongside teething, babies produce a lot of saliva as a defence against bacteria as they put things in their mouths. Of course they have absolutely no control over it, and it literally appears that your small child has turned into a water fountain of the slightly sticky variety.

With teething comes the usual drool, with extra dribble thrown in for good measure, as well as sore gums.

With this mind, Cheeky Chompers have produced a must have collection of baby bits perfect for every teething baby and slightly damp mother/father.

The centre piece for Cheeky Chompers is their award-winning Neckerchew*.

The Neckerchew is a double-sided baby dribble bib with an attached teether perfect for those niggly gums. Made with three layers, it is extra absorbent, and the teether is phalate and BPA free meaning it is perfectly safe for little mouths. Plus there are 22 beautiful designs to chose from.

We tried out the Dino Friends bib with Henry over a weekend, and we’re in love!
(The Neckerchew is also available in a larger size for ages 4+)
We usually use two dribble bibs a day, alternating after each nap, but when we started using this bib, we only needed it for the day. And the absorbancy is fab as it stopped any dribble going through onto his jumper, which a big win! Henry also seemed to really love the teether which was handy as we went out for part of the day and it kept him entertained without the risk of him dropping it on the floor – which he does with pretty much EVERYTHING you hand to him!

Also available is the Comfortchew – a comforter that can be attached to a pushchair and has a teether attached, as well as sensory tags and a super soft teddy feel, the Chewy – a hippo teether with two handles which smells great and squeaks, and the Cheekyblanket – luxury blanket, perfect for your pushchair with hidden sensory tags and pockets for chilly hands.

Henry’s jumper from F&F at Tesco

*PR sample provided – all opinions my own
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