Henry’s five month update

November 16, 2016

How is it November already?! And half way through too?!

I say this every time I do these updates, but gee is time flying!! Five months old already!! How?!

My teeny baby is gone, and is becoming a rather robust and cheery little soul. It’s hard to imagine that next month we’ll be weaning and I’ll be half way through my maternity leave!!

I’m so proud of my little Henry,  he’s literally stolen the heart of everyone he meets. 

Some five month facts for you.

He loves penguins. He fell in love with Penwaddle who belongs to Alice and now has his very own Peanut courtesy of her mum.

He also loves ‘How to train your dragon’ which this mumma is fine with. Toothless is the best.

He loves his jumperoo (similar here). He’s a bit of a hopper rather than a jumper but he’s very happy in it.

He sleeps really well at night,  but loves co-sleeping more than being on his own.

He dribbles like it’s going out of fashion, though no teeth yet.

He adores Bam. See my post here.

He was christened on the 30th October. Two of his Godparents are also bloggers!!

He is getting used to sitting in his high chair and seeing us eat meals in front of him ready for baby led weaning next month.

He’s not far off of sitting unaided, though his balance is still a little questionable.

He’s now getting a little too big and strong for our baths in the sink, so we’re back in the normal bath for the time being – at least until he can sit without help – otherwise our kitchen gets completely flooded.

He kicks his legs around like a puppet on a string when he’s excited and it is just about the cutest thing ever.

He is losing his mohawk, which I’m a little sad about, but it’s now so long that it falls down, and slightly sits to one side and it gives him the sweetest look.

He has more Christmas decorations than we do. His Auntie Alice is spoiling him rotten, and we love it!

I’m loving this stage of his development, and when his next one comes up, we’ll be starting our weaning journey, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking for this mumma.

Link me your little ones updates in the comments below! 

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