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Friday, 18 November 2016

Authentic Japanese with Kyoto Kitchen

Kyoto Kitchen* in Winchester is a hidden gem.
Now you all know my love affair with food, especially Japanese food. We've even been trying it at home (at home sushi here, and katsu curry here FYI) so when we were asked by Alice to join her for a review of Winchester's premium, authentic japanese restaurant, well, we jumped at the chance, especially as it was my birthday!

Kyoto Kitchen is a japanese food specialist, particularly with sushi and sashimi, which we were really excited about as none of us had ever tried real sashimi before.

We were treated to ten dishes, picked by the chef, to give us a real taste for Japanese Cuisine, and let us try some different and unique dishes - and chicken gyoza, because it's Alice's favourite.

All of the food was beautifully put together, and the ingredients complemented each other perfectly. You can tell that time and effort, and excellent knowledge is used to bring these dishes together.

We also loved that fact that a lot of the menu is locally sourced, including the beef, and the real wasabi. This was really special as we'd never had real wasabi before. Most chains used horseradish which is coloured green as its taste stays consistent and it is much cheaper. The wasabi is grated (see photos below) and only really survives for a few minutes before the taste starts to fade. Now admittedly I'm not the biggest fan of this type of heat, but Dann absolutely loved it and was over the moon to get to try the real stuff after seeing a documentary about it a few months back.

I'm not going to go into each dish that we tried - but I've listed them below - but I will say it was an experience that I would love to do again. I think leaving the choice up to the chef/waiters really gave us an authentic feel and a great mix of foods, and gave us the chance to try some different things. I can honestly say I probably would never have thought to try the Artic Char Pate, but it was so so nice, and the Scallop Batayaki was incredible. My absolute favourite had to be the Winchester Rolls - but I love this kind of sushi and could eat it all day. And the chicken gyoza were also fantastic as they steam and then griddle them.

What we ate:
Arctic Char Pate
Edamane Beans
Chicken Gyoza
Beef Tataki
Scallop Batayaki
Ebi Tempura
Sashimi Trio
Tuna Tartare
Winchester Roll
Black Cod - Spicy Miso & Steamed Rice

You can book in via the Kyoto Kitchen website, and view all their menus, including their set menus which look great for anyone wanting to try a mix of dishes but not knowing where to start. 

*food and drinks provided by Kyoto Kitchen for review - all opinions my own.
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  1. This looks delicious this is definitely my idea of heaven!

    Jade x

    1. It was so so good. Can't wait to go back soon! xx


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