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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Animal loving baby clothing

We all love a good shopping haul right? Well recently I went a little mad at Next buying lots of new clothes for Henry ready for when he  goes up a size. 
As he's pretty much bang on the 50th centile on the growth chart,I think he's going to go into his 6-9 month clothing sometime in December, so I wanted to get prepared. 

Although this growing lark is pretty pricey for us parents, I have to admit I really love updating his wardrobe every few months. And Next are absolutely nailing the boy fashion trends this Autumn and Winter.  

So you guys know we love dinosaurs right? Well we do, and we're in love with the dinosaur collection!
1. Grey Dinosaur Dungarees & Stripe Body Suit - I think this is my favourite of all his new clothes. And there's a hidden surprise underneath the teeth! Oh and dinosaur spines on the bum too!

2. Bright Dino Dribble Bibs - Ok so if you saw Henry's five month update you'll know that he's basically producing more fluids from his mouth than a tap, so new dribble bibs were a must. We've been using these since I bought them a couple of weeks back, and they're really good. They seem to survive a little longer than a lot of our other bibs, plus they're super cute!

3. Grey/Red Slogan Dinosaur Tops Two Pack - we've actually bought this set in 9-12 months, but I had to share them with you. The dinosaur face on the joggers is on the bum so perfect for a crawling little one!

4. Multi Dinosaur Long Sleeve T-Shirts Two Pack - these are a nice thickness for wearing at home with a vest underneath, and you know I love me some stripes!

5. Multi Dinosaur Joggers Two Pack - of course as I picked the tops,I had to buy the matching bottoms. These will be great for Henry as he'll hopefully be moving around a lot more, and maybe even crawling - much less restrictive than denim! The green ones also say 'roar' across the back of the knees! Too cute!

6. Grey Marl Pom Pom Hat - we're collecting hats for Henry at the moment, and I can't resist a pom pom, especially a yellow one. Now I'm on a mission to find myself a yellow pom pom hat to match him!!

I'm also a sucker for a fox, and a badger. Well this collection includes both so it just HAD to be Henry's wardrobe. 
1. Grey Alpine Fox Sleepsuits Two Pack - we pretty much bought these just purely for the printed one as we spotted a badger on it, and we have this thing for badgers. But I'm pleased to say we also really love the grey fox one too, and they're really quite thick sleepsuits so will be perfect for cold winter nights and snuggly days at home. I wish they made them in adult sizes! 

2. Multi T-Shirts Three Pack - again these are a nice thickness and will sit well with a vest and underneath a jacket or coat during the winter. Basically we bought them for the printed one. And they all have a really cute button detail on the back. There are also matching joggers, but they were out of stock - but they appear to be back in stock now in most sizes. 

3. Rust Fox Hat - another hat for the collection. I just had to have it. It's so so cute. And double lined so extra warm.

So there you have it, a little Next haul for any baby boy, perfect for winter.
What's your favourite items?

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