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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Getting Christmassy with Degustabox

One of the best things about Christmas is the food. We all know that when the festive season hits, all diets go out the window and we definitely over indulge. But the food is just so so good. 

I also love trying new things over Christmas too, so the November Christmas Degustabox* is practically perfect. 
This box has to be my absolute favourite of this year. It is jam packed with great food and drinks, with a sparkly Christmas theme. So of course to go with the theme, I had to do my photos with plenty of tinsel and some Christmas decorations, and I think they might just be my favourite photos too. 

Anyway, on to the inside of this delicious box (you can get £7 off at the end of this post FYI)

The Good Cider - strawberry and wild berry flavours - we had these back when I was pregnant, well Dann did, so these were a fab little treat for me as I don't drink very often anymore. 
J2O - Glitter Berry - I've had this for a couple of years at Christmas as it is a special flavour J2O bring out especially for December. It's really sweet, and super pretty. Remember to shake well! 
Golden Apple Juice - these kids cartoons are really cute, and really sweet. They'remade with stevia which is an alternative to sugar and makes the drinks slightly sweeter than normal apple juice. Perfect for on the go. 
Ahmad Tea - Strawberry Velvet Cake - I've never really done dessert teas, so I'm looking forward to this especially as the flavour sounds amazing!

Ryvita Crackers - Cracked Black Pepper - we also had these last year, but in the green and black olive flavour, and they were so good, so I'm really looking forward to these for Boxing Day - sorry crackers are a must over Christmas so we're saving these. 
Ryvita Thins - Caramelised Onion - the same goes for these. We loved these last year, and I'm actually a little confused as to why we never bought anymore as they were literally gone in a day!
Christian Potter - Hollandaise Sauce - I have a new love for hollandaise sauce, as I'm kind of obsessed with Eggs Benedict at the moment (and the Smoked Salmon Royale at the Artisan which is basically Eggs Benedict but with smoked salmon instead of ham - perfection right!?) so I'm excited to try it out at home, I'm thinking Christmas morning with Eggs Benedict might just be the best thing EVER!! 
Pipers Crisp Co - Wild Thyme & Rosemary - basically kettle chips, these are really highly seasoned and are the perfect grab bag for lunch. I kind of wish they'd been a sharing bag - just for me! 

Jule Destrooper - Butter Crisps - I adore butter crisps. I first discovered them through a previous Degustabox, and fell in love. So seeing them in this box,well they were gone before I even started writing, in fact I started them straight after taking the photos. They're really sweet, and just so damn good.
Hartleys Glitter Jelly - Raspberry and Wild Berry flavours - who doesn't love jelly? And the glitter ones are so fun. Again we had these last year, although different flavours, and they were so much fun. I think I'm going to make a Christmas trifle from scratch with the Raspberry one.
Michel & Augustin - Dark Chocolate Cookies - these are so yummy. The dark chocolate layer is like a ganache so it isn't too hard, and even for someone who isn't majorly into dark chocolate, I really loved them.
Brodericks - Crunchy Slam Dunk Peanut Chunk - Dann had this as I don't like peanuts and well it was gone in minutes, so that's usually a good sign. Apparently it's less peanuty than you might expect especially given it has big chunks of peanut, which I guess is a good thing!
Butterkist Popcorn - Chocomallow and Sweet Cinema Style flavours - We shared the chocomallow popcorn and it was so yummy. It's basically a chocolate and marshmallow flavoured toffee popcorn, but man is it good. Though I do think real melted marshmallow and chocolate on the popcorn would have been better, maybe I'll try it at home! Dann ate the mini bag of sweet popcorn, which is the perfect size to take to work.

You can get your own Degustabox delivered straight to your door, and get a huge £7 off, making it only £5.99 with the code MV2GB.

*PR Sample provided - all opinions, as always, are my own. 

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