Teething fashion with Seb and Roo

November 8, 2016

Teething ain’t no funny business, but there are a few ways to help your little one battle through the discomfort and save all of your worldly good becoming stuck in your child’s mouth.

Henry has been teething for what feels like forever, and we have a number of toys to help soothe those sore gums, including our Sophie La Giraffe and liquid filled teething rings. These are great, but are more for at home. The last thing you want is the teething toy to hit the floor, especially outside, where you can’t clean it properly straight away.

Luckily Seb and Roo has the perfect answer in their teething jewellery range. These modern silicone teething necklaces and bracelets are a total win for teething on the go. Not only are they made from food grade silicone, meaning they are perfectly safe for little hands and mouths, they look great for mummas too.

I was sent the gorgeous ‘sandy’ necklace* and it is already a staple item of my wardrobe and a big hit with Henry. Each necklace is made up of the silicone beads, a satin cord and a plastic breakaway clasp, so no risk of getting taggled or snapping. The necklaces are also fully customisable – just pop them a message with your favourite design and your chosen colours. Of course I love this one with the orange beads, because I have a proper thing for orange right now. Being made from food grade, BPA, Phthalate and lead-free silicone (the same as teats and  dummies) means they are safe and easy to clean, and the different shapes make for interesting textures. The breakaway clasp means a big tug from your little one won’t give you whiplash!

What I love most about these necklaces, is not only do they help with the teething soreness but they are basically a toy to keep fidgetty fingers busy, meaning my hair is getting a few less tugs in a day.

As you can see from these photos, Henry loves the necklace, and really that says it all. I’m looking forward to adding to my collection.
Who knew you could still wear jewellery round your neck with babies? Well with these you can! Plus they’re handmade in the UK, and each purchase goes to supporting the sweet little family behind the brand!

You can see the full Seb and Roo collection on their Etsy store.
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Necklaces are intended for adults to wear and baby to chew. This product is not a toy. Do not leave children unattended with necklaces or clips as they contain small parts. They should not been worn by children due to risk of strangulation or choking. Please inspect before each use. Refrain from use if damaged and dispose of immediately.

*PR sample provided – all opinions my own.
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