Why we’re choosing Baby Led Weaning – and what we need!

December 3, 2016

We’re fast approaching six months! Yep that’s six months as parents. Henry is nearly six months old!!
And with that, means FOOD!!

I’ve known from the start that I was going to follow Baby Led Weaning for Henry. Today I’m going to talk about why it is right for us. Now as a little disclaimer, every baby is completely unique, and that is wonderful. And every parent is also completely different. What works for one, may work for another, or it might not. I’m by no means an expert. And I certainly don’t want to say that I’m doing everything right (gosh if only – but that is never going to happen). I’m hoping that by sharing our thoughts and feelings I can start a discussion, and maybe help someone else with their research, because it’s a decision that all parents have to make, and it isn’t always an easy one. Who knew feeding could cause so many dilemmas!! You just got to go with your instinct.

So Baby Led Weaning. What is it? 

Well by definition it is when you allow your child to feed themselves from the start of weaning. To do this you cut up regular food into manageable chunks, and let them go at it. Now most guidelines will suggest that this should only be started from six months, and not before, and should only be attempted when your baby is able to hold their own head up, and have sufficient hand-eye co-ordination.

Why are we doing this type of weaning? Well as apposed to puree weaning, it means Henry is in charge. There’s no spoon feeding required straight away, although that will come. No messing about making homemade purees, or spending a fortune on ready-made ones. Baby just eats pretty much what you eat. With Henry, he hasn’t really shown any particular interest in food until just after five months, and I think a lot of that is just curiosity to copy people he sees. And there has never been a medical reason to introduce foods any earlier.

And as Health Visitors will advise, food in the first year is just for fun (as I said before, some babies are different and may need additional nutrients from food at an earlier age so puree weaning is advised, but this should always be on the advice of your Health Visitor or GP). So it really doesn’t matter much how much is going in, as baby is getting all his/her nutrients from their milk still.

Now I know this method is super super messy, and I’m prepared for that. Henry throws everything as it is anyhow, so what’s a little extra food mess? Plus we luckily have wood flooring across our entire downstairs so clean up should be relatively simple.

So to go alongside our weaning journey I’m listing a few bits and pieces that we’ve picked up to help us along the way.

Monkey silicone bib* – perfect for catching run away food, and wipe clean! Plus it folds so perfect for our change bag too.
Silicone suction bowl* – great for mushy foods like mashed potato, or for whilst out and about as a lot of highchairs in restaurants etc don’t have trays which is a little annoying.
Long handled spoons* – now these are more for pre-made baby food jars, but I will be teaching Henry about cutlery fairly early on as I do still want him to develop good table manners.
360 Mini No Spill 1st sippee cup* – OMG this thing is so so clever. It doesn’t have a spout but you drink from the sides like a cup. Myself and Dann were fascinated by it. Henry’s water to go alongside his meals is going in this.
HighchairAntilop from Ikea – simple but effective.
Crinkle cut knife – I’ve read that crinkle cut foods are easier for babies to hold, so we’re picking up a cheap one from eBay to test out.
Floor Mat – just to help with the floor clean up. They can be picked up from Poundland.

And that’s it. We’re almost ready to start our next adventure. I’m so excited to see how Henry reacts to food. Make sure to follow my social channels for behind the scene videos and photos of our weaning journey! I’m sure they’reare going to be some amazing photo moments along the way.

If you’re looking for more information about Baby Led Weaning, this website is really helpful – but is more biased. Or Bounty has a good slightly less biased fact page.  And the Baby Centre also has good information.

*PR sample from NubyUK as we are brand reps – all opinions are my own. 
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22 responses to “Why we’re choosing Baby Led Weaning – and what we need!”

  1. Nicola says:

    That cup looks amazing! Definitely need to pick one of those up.

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      It's so so clever, we tried it out ourselves and are completely sold on it. We're going to pick up a second one soon, so we have a spare! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Lucie Loves It says:

    Oh wow it looks like you have everything you need to get started! How exciting! I guess I've got all this to look forward too :DGorgeous pictures :DLucie xx | LucieLovesit.com

  3. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    He's growing so quick. I'm not a parent, so all of this stuff is completely foreign to me. I have no idea what weaning is x

  4. Sima Sthanakiya says:

    Exciting times. This was all a while a go for me, but remember it like it was yesterday. The mess! Oh the mess. Enjoy x

  5. Madeeha Saeed says:

    Your baby looks so cute and happy with all these goodies. xx

  6. Jazmin Williams says:

    You seem to be fully prepared! That's such a cute and cheeky baby smile – melts my heart 🙂

  7. Anosa Malanga says:

    Awww how cute is your baby, with my nephew they also did bady led weaning as it was right for him

  8. ana de jesus says:

    I think that baby led weaning is so important in encouraging their independence and wellbeing.

  9. Tamsin H says:

    I did BLW with my son, and it really saved us from the whole 'fussy phase' of anything textured that other friends have experienced after feeding purees. I have some hilarious photos of my son pulling full on angry faces whilst about to smush a potato or something into his mouth. He just used his hands, but we encouraged him to use a spoon for yogs. He's now 4 and a brilliant eater, and excellent with cutlery.

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      That's so great to hear Tamsin, as I was really worried about the cutlery and table manners thing, but I think that's down to the parent to ensure!

  10. Gem flutterandsparkle says:

    Good luck with it – my friend is an advocate too, but the mess is unreal haha!

  11. Don't Cramp My Style says:

    how adorable little boy. I know little about weaning but i was taking care of my cats and teaching them to eat and litter etc. I dont have children so 'training' on cats 😉

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