Henry’s six month update

December 14, 2016

It’s that time of the month again!!
Yep Henry is another month older, and we’ve hit the half way mark to his first birthday, and my return to work!
Not going to lie, it’s been the fastest six months of my life, and I’m slightly scared how fast the next six months are going to go.

We’re fast on the approach to our first Christmas as a family, which I’m so so excited about, and Henry has many super cute outfits – which I bought in 6-9 months, so they’re going to be too big initially but thought they’d get better wear out of them!

As with his five month update, I’m going to include a little list of facts and fun bits about Henry:

The jumperoo is still his favourite – though he has developed a slightly irritating tendency to have a poo whilst in it, which leads to a nappy explosion all up his back! I feel like all the poo explosion nappies that we missed when he was tiny, are being collected now instead!

He’s still dribbling like he’s a water fountain, but I think we’re getting closer to teeth actually coming.

Our new favourite films are Frozen and Arthur Christmas (you can see the latter on Netflix and it is amazing).

He has learnt how to sit up on the sofa unaided. This was such a big deal, at 5.5 months old, we’re super proud. He can hold it for a good couple of minutes now if he’s concentrating, or watching the TV, and is starting to correct himself more and more!

He’s also starting to roll a bit more consistently. He can manage back to front really well, and front to back a bit too. He also 180’s on his tummy.

He officially has more winter hats than I do – I’m slightly jealous! His penguin one has to be my favourite.

His sleeping patterns at night are a little hit and miss at the moment. He seems to have learnt about separation which is making him a bit clingy.

He’s fallen in love with Archimedes, and is so good at stroking him with an open hand. His face lights up when he sees him and strokes him (luckily Archie has been really good and takes it all very well, though does bolt if he screams).

He’s learning how to give kisses at the moment too. He loves to grab our faces and press his face to ours. Yes it is super super wet and we usually get licked in the process too (it might not even be a kiss, but it feels kind of like what a baby would understand as a kiss so I’m taking it) but it literally makes me heart melt when he does it.

He’s getting really good at selfies. He loves to grab phones, but now that he kind of gets reflections, if he see’s his, he pretty much always smiles! Hence the great selfies we got on our winter walk!!

He is also loving blowing raspberries at the moment.They are messy and hilarious!!

We also started BLW at the weekend, and judging from his nappies (sorry TMI) food is actually going in. He’s a fan of broccoli, and gives apple a good go, as well as toast!

Honestly, I feel like the luckiest mum in the world to have such an amazing little boy in my life!

17 responses to “Henry’s six month update”

  1. Alice Spake says:

    Oh I just love him so much xx

  2. Babiesandbeauty says:

    Awww Henry!! Doing so well, I was the same with the kissing with P, John tried to play it off as him just wanting to teethe on my face but I was having none of it haha.Emily / http://www.babiesandbeauty.com

  3. The Smallest Of Things says:

    My daughter loved her jumperoo too! Hoping my youngest will be the same 🙂 that's great that he's taken to BLW! oxAmy | http://www.thesmallestofthings.com

  4. Lindsey Burton-Harrison says:

    What a cutie he is, makes me want another munchkin. Happy first Crimbo Archie. xxLindseywww.londonmumma.com

  5. Emma Heapy says:

    Oh bless him, he looks so funny chewing his card 🙂 xxGlossy Boutique

  6. Mums SpaceTara says:

    Ah I miss my littlest being this small! It goes so fast.. he also liked to poo once in the jumperoo so I feel your pain! xTarawww.mums-space.co.uk

  7. Lamb & Bear says:

    Sounds similar to bear! He always does poo explosions in the jumperoo. He's obsessed with grabbing faces. He's literally learnt to sit up this week (he's 7 months) but he's been crawling around since 5 months!! X

  8. Claire Louise says:

    Henry is so cute! I think I need to invest in a jumperoo, so many babies seem to like them!

  9. Maisy Meow says:

    What a little cutie! He's developing so quickly! My little one is just 2 months old and seeing all these milestones makes me so excited for him too! http://www.maisymeow.com

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