Christmas decorating with Homesense

December 1, 2016

It’s December ladies and gents!! That means it’s officially the month of Christmas and our house is decorated ready for the festive season!! And I’m so so excited!! 

With this year being Henry’s first Christmas we really wanted to set up some family traditions – some of which I’ll be blogging about, such as his Christmas Eve box, and visiting the Christmas Markets in Southampton and Winchester. 

But the first is all about decorations. 

I think one of the most magical and exciting things about Christmas is how everyone (well almost) decorates their homes to get in the spirit of Christmas. There’s trees, and sparkles, and reds and golds and silvers, santas and elves, and holly and mistletoe. 

I always knew that the moment I had a child I would want Christmas to be their favourite time of year, and that starts with the decorating – and the decorating starts on the 1st December (or on the 30th November so it’s ready for the first – in the case of this year… we decorated on the 25th Novemeber because I just could not wait any longer!). 

This year, we’re starting our collection properly, and we’ve had quite a lot of help from Homesense

We popped along to our Hedge End store to check out the Christmas stock and we so not disappointed. We have our tree, and some bog standard gold decorations and tinsel, but I wanted to get some extra special unique bits, and Homesense is the land of unique. I love that every time you visit, the shelves are stocked with all new stuff, so they were perfect for getting some little extras to make our home even more Christmassy! 

Firstly, meet our little Nordic Christmas Gnome*….

Isn’t he so so cute! The Nordic styles are so in right now with the love of Hygge everywhere at the moment. So this little dude was an obvious pick, and something a little different to the more traditional ‘elf on a shelf’. £6.99

Next we needed a new door wreath*. I adore door wreaths, and already have one from a few years back. For these photos, I’ve hung it from our front door, but it’s so pretty, it might have to stay inside this year so I can see it all day! £5.99

Last and by no means least are these beautiful baubles* for our tree. We’re going white and gold with most of the decor, and I just feel in love with these. They’re all different shapes and glittery in a nice delicate way. I’m very tempted to get another box! £5.99

We also bought our tree star and Henry’s stocking from Homesense a few weeks back, and a number of our Christmas gifts are from there too. It’s the perfect place for affordable unique decorating and gifts. 

Have you been to Homesense? What’s your favourite from our buys? And what traditions are you starting/have for your family? 

*items bought with a gift card provided by Homesense – all opinions my own

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12 responses to “Christmas decorating with Homesense”

  1. Lucie Loves It says:

    omg that Gnome is so cute and like you say it's nice to be different than your normal elf on a shelf! The garland is a lovely touch to add a bit of festive spirit wherever you hang it, and those baubles are so beautiful!! Can't wait to see them on your tree hun!Lucie xx |

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Isn't he so cute!! And way less creepy than the elves!! I'm obsessed with the wreath, so it's staying indoors! ha ha! And the baubles are my faves! I'll pop a photo on my FB later today when the lights go on!!Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Ella Whitehead says:

    I love that gnome he is SO cute! Great post lovely!Ella

  3. Emma Heapy says:

    Ah I love Homesense, the reef is gorgeous!! I bet Henry's first christmas is going to be so exciting! xxGlossy Boutique

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Me too. It's both good and bad to have one so close!! I'm so excited. Pretty sure he's just going to try to eat the wrapping paper though! xx

  4. Tinyfootsteps Blog says:

    Check out your baubles!!Trust me to lower the tone! 😉 Seriously though, I love me some Christmas decor. I told hubby today that I've ordered 'Christmas bedding' and he just rolled his eyes. That gnome is too cute!! Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      ha ha ha!! Love it! We have Christmas bedding too… just need to get it out at the weekend!! 😉 Isn't he – he's much better than an elf!

  5. Chelsey Lauren says:

    Those baubles are gorgeous and don't get me started on the gnome, it's all just amazing and I need itI have just seen there's a new Homesense up at Cribbs Causeway! While I appreciate this post I don't think my bank balance does!

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Ohhh you're going to love it. We literally go in like once a month to see what's new. Their Halloween stuff was gorgeous too!

  6. Kirsty McManus says:

    I don't think I've ever been so jealous of Christmas baubles in my life – I can't wait to decorate an all white Christmas tree when we get our new house next year: this has inspired me! Yes, I'm already planning next years tree…Kirsty |

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Don't get me started. I'm already thinking of next Christmas when Henry can get more involved as he'll be more aware of what's happening!!

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