Seven good moments of motherhood

December 5, 2016

Motherhood is damn hard!
I knew it was going to be hard, but I guess I kind of under-estimated it, but, boy it is it worthwhile.

Sometimes it’s really easy to get bogged down with all the bad stuff. I mean it’s always easy to let the bad times over-rule good things in almost any aspect of life, but combined with sleep deprivation and a steep learning curve, it’seven easier to focus on what isn’t right, than what is.

So to help me, and hopefully you, I’m sharing seven good moments from my motherhood so far!

1. Smiles – oh that smile literally gets me every time. It really doesn’t matter how bad my day has been, or how troublesome Henry has been, that smile makes everything OK again.

2. Giggles – the next step from a smile. Henry has a really infectious laugh, which literally makes everyone laugh back. I feel like my aim in life is to get a laugh from him every single day.

3. Sleepy cuddles – I never thought I would co-sleep. I’ve never been against co-sleeping, but I just didn’t factor it in. As it stands, Henry adores cuddles and during his leaps, co-sleeping is almost the only way for me to get any decent amount of sleep for him and me. Yes sometimes it is a little frustrating, but when I look down and see his content sleeping face it feels oh so worthwhile.  

4. Surviving a development leap – these leaps are truly hard work. But getting out the other side of them is amazing. Seeing your little one learn something new, even something as little as grabbing a toy, is truly rewarding.

5. Father and child – I have to admit that one of the things I love seeing most is Dann with Henry. I always knew Dann would be an amazing father, but my heart literally swells with happiness seeing the two of them together, and I am so looking forward to seeing the mischief they get up to together.

6. Making friends – another absolute highlight of motherhood is seeing my friends love Henry. I’m very lucky that we have amazing Godparent for him, and some great friends close to us and watching them together is such a special and heartwarming feeling.

7. Bath time – Oh bath time we love you. Henry really enjoys a bath and he’s so funny with it. we currently bath him in the kitchen sink (read more about it here) which can get messy, but is so much fun. I’m so looking forward to introducing proper bath toys soon too!

But what about you mums and parents to be,  or even those just keeping it for way in the future. What do you love about motherhood or fatherhood, or what are you most looking forward to?

12 responses to “Seven good moments of motherhood”

  1. Babiesandbeauty says:

    I love this Rachel! You're right, there is a lot of stuff about the tough aspects of parenting and it is hard not to get bogged down. I read this after a tough day and it's cheered me up.Emily /

  2. Lucie Loves It says:

    Oh what a lovely post! cuddles, smiles and bath times are fun times here too and we can't wait for the giggles! Lucie xx |

  3. daisy walters says:

    I'm struggling majorly at the moment with Bella's 3 week growth spurt and her having a cold, but amazingly every time I look at her I just remember how worth while it all is! Love from Daisy xxx

  4. Lyndsay FizzyPeaches says:

    Aww it's so lovely to read such a positive post! As a new Mum-to-be some of the stories I've read can be horrifying and quite daunting, I think there should be more of the positive side shared! Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Tinyfootsteps Blog says:

    Oh man, I remember how hard the leaps were with Jasmine – it was always such a relief when they were over. Can't believe I'm about to go through them all over again with Elowen. I'm so excited for her first smiles. 🙂 In the meantime I am loving sleepy cuddles as we are also co-sleeping at the mo. I love waking up to her little face next to mine. Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      I'm kind of excited to do it all again in the future, as I think I'll appreciate it all more the second time around. You just get all caught up in the new mum thing that it just goes so fast. Agreed, co-sleeping is definitely the best!

  6. Amelia says:

    I love these, I feel like with Darcys first year It just whizzed and now it's such a blur but reading these brought back all the lovely memories of her firsts :)

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