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Friday, 2 December 2016

Keeping it spicy with Turtle Bay

Ok so you guys know about my love affair with food right? It's no secret that I love to eat, and to be honest, my waistband thinks I should probably cut back, but hella am I listening when there are so many amazing places to eat in the city, and more coming all the time.

The Cultural Quarter of Southampton is really up and coming, and is really starting to make it's mark, and leading the way is Turtle Bay. In fact Turtle Bay was one of the very first residents to the new Guildhall Square and is a firm favourite of mine, with many a lunch (especially since I've been on maternity leave) spent there. Turtle Bay is the home of spice. jerk, rum and reggae, and embodies a rustic beach style, with authentic grills and one pot meals.

Earlier this week (Wednesday to be completely accurate) we popped along for an evening meal*, our first as a couple almost completely on our own since Henry was born (he was with us for our starters, then Alice, his Godmother popped along and took him off for a walk and a cuddle - not going to lie I felt like I'd lost an arm, and I'm now completely dreading returning to work as I miss him so much, but it was nice to have half a meal without distraction and outside of the house!).
We were given menus and ordered drinks with the lovely Dominique, and got a Vanilla and Passionfruit Mojito for me (OK actually there were two as it was 2-4-1 - Happy Hour is between 11:30pm-7pm every day and restarts at 10pm so you're never low on Rum - and I'm not about to say no to free cocktails) and a Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie for Dann.

We started with the Beach Food Platter to give us a real taste for the type of food Turtle Bay serves. The sharing platter is made up of spicy jerk wings, pepper roti, sweetcorn fritters and garlic 'n' herb flatbreads, all covered in rocket and a little dressing. It was the perfect selection to get us started, and some bits I've never had before. The sweetcorn fritters were really good, and not something I would normally choose if I'm honest.

For our mains, Dann had the Curry Goat, which is the hottest dish on their menu, and I had the Double Dipped Steak, with Sweet Potato Mash. Dann was so excited to try goat as he'd never had it before, and he was not disappointed. I don't think I've seen him that happy about food in a long time. Although the hottest dish on the menu, he said it wasn't the hottest food he'd ever eaten (though he does have an insane tolerance for spice) but the heat picks up. As for the steak, well, it had to be one of the best I've eaten in a very long time. It was cooked perfectly and covered in their coconut jerk glaze which is spicy but much milder than a normal jerk. And the sweet potato mash - I'm a mash fiend and this stuff was so good. I'm really coming round to the sweet potato mash, though nothing will ever beat the original.

We finished off our meal with desserts. Dann had the BBQ pineapple, with coconut ice cream, which was served hot and cold and was the perfect palette cleanser and not too sweet. I had the Banana and Toffee Cheesecake, and to be frank, it was perfect. I would highly recommend.

Basically we rolled out of Turtle Bay, very happy and very full, and to top off the night we saw the Coca Cola Christmas Truck! Now that's a good Wednesday.

Turtle Bay can be found across the country with their spicy menu's and to be honest, cute as anything decor.
If you're Southampton way, pop across to my Facebook page for your chance to win a meal for four people!

*meal was provided - all opinions, as always,are my own.
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  1. Oh wow that all looks amazing .. I'm suddenly bloomin' starving! I think I could murder that serving platter all by myself!

    Lucie xx |

    1. To be fair, I could have done as well, but the steak was so amazing! Truly one of the best dishes I've had in a long time!

      Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. Annnnd now I really wank food! Love Turtle Bay, gonna have to go check out the Bristol one again, it's been a while!

    1. Ha ha that typo!! ;) You definitely need to get back in there! So worth it!!
      Thanks for commenting!


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