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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Winter walks are good for the soul

I'm writing up this post (sorry it's going to be scheduled) after we took a little winter walk to the woods. We just got home, and I'm feeling really happy. Like content happy. And I just wanted to share really - and I guess that's kind of the point of blogging isn't it.

So basically we had a Saturday afternoon with zero plans. Absolutely nothing! And because the weather was clear, we decided to take a walk to the woods near our house and get some fresh air. Myself and Henry have been a little bunged up with the start of colds,and have been hiding away for the last couple of days, so I thought a little walk would help clear us up a little and give us something to do - anyone else always fall into arguments if there's no plans for the day?? Maybe that's just us!

So out we went in layers of jumpers, walking boots, and Henry in our Ergobaby on Dann.
And it was nice.
We talked, away from social media, without TV, without distraction. We talked about Dann's TKD, about dinner ideas, plans for Christmas, what we want for the future. We took a shed load of photos too (you'll be seeing them here - ha ha sorry, not sorry). We found a horse and of course went and said hello. Henry took a nap. We found a local pub. We popped to the shop and picked up bits for dinner.

And we came back happy and content.

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily buzz of activity and always having stuff to do. Always needing to be connected to people. It's easy to get bogged down by work and business and chores. Or to focus so much on negatives that need fixing or problems that need solving.
But stepping away from it all was refreshing. It was only an hour or so, but it was nice to just get out and have no real plan of where to go, no destination in mind, just a walk in the woods to get some fresh air and refocus the mind.

When we got home, we had hot tea, cuddles on the sofa with a Christmas film (Arthur Christmas - awesome film FYI and on Netflix too!), we then cooked dinner and I just felt really truly happy with my lot. It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for your soul and your mindset.

And as I mentioned - here's some of the 40 odd photos we grabbed whilst out. They're all from Dann's phone, so the quality isn't my usual standard, but I love them so much!

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  1. Oh Rachel! This post has got me right in the feels man! Your family is so beautiful and there is something so rewarding about getting a nice group pic to remember the memories :D

    Lucie xx |

    1. Aww thanks lovely!! Definitely love getting group photos of us all together!!

  2. Oh I loved this Rachel!!! We are exactly the same we'll just bicker if we stay in too long 😂 I hope the walk helped your cold! And glad I'm not the only one who lets the guy do the babywearing haha xxx

    Emily /

    1. So glad we're not the only ones!! I think it did as I never got struck down badly with it!
      Ha ha yes if we go out, Dann does the baby wearing with the Ergo. I do baby wear, but I use the sling.

  3. Such a beautiful family, these photos are gorgeous. Lovely to look back on in years to come xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Thank you! Yes definitely! I'm doing a huge backup of all our photos over Christmas too! xx

  4. Ahhh you are such a gorgeous family. :) I love to see a babywearing daddy too! I always think these days are the best kind - we've had a similar kind of day today in fact. Makes me feel so happy and content.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Dann loves a bit of baby wearing, he's even used our sling too!!


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