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Sunday, 22 January 2017

10 ways to beat the January blues

So the festive season is over, and we've truly entered January now.
It's a weird kind of month isn't it?! It's a bit good because it's the perfect time for fresh starts and resolutions, but a bit sad because no more Christmas, cold rainy (this is England after all) days and dark mornings and evenings.

The January blues are very real, and they aren't fun. It's very easy to just slip under the duvet and hide away until well March if at all possible, but being adults (and we are adults... for the most part) we have to keep going.

So I've compiled a little list of things for you to try (and I'm going to try them too) to kick the January blues (and the February ones too if required).

1. Go for a winter walk. I've talked about how good a winter walk is before, so go get your boots on and get exploring your local area.

2. Go for a swim. There's nothing like a swimming pool to cheer me up and remind me of summer. Get down to your local pool and get some lengths in, and maybe hit the jacuzzi too. If they have a sauna/steam room, hit that too!

3. Get baking. Winter is the perfect time to perfect your crumble with some winter fruits. Apple crumble is an all round favourite, and perfect for warming up with, covered in hot custard (get that from a carton because no one has time to make their own custard).

4. Have a feel-good movie night. Bust out the rom-coms and the happy films - Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Grease and Bridget Jones Diary - put some popcorn in the microwave/get ice cream out of the freezer/get chocolate out of the fridge and curl up under a blanket for an evening/day of laughter and happy tears.

5. Search out the top Netflix series and start binge watching! I highly recommend the Gilmore Girls (you must have known that was coming), Gossip Girl (yep and that one), The Crown and How to Get Away with Murder (we're trying this currently as per the recommendation from Alice).

6. Go for coffee/brunch with the girls. Nothing beats food, coffee and girl talk. Especially when you need a good moan.

7. Cook comfort food! Whether it's slow cooker casserole or chilli, or maybe sausage,mash and gravy (personal fave right there) it's nice to fill the house with your favourite foods, something warming and comforting.

8. Light some candles. I find candles so relaxing and cosy. Mixed with no. 4 you've got the perfect Hygge evening. I always buy scented candles from Ikea.

9. Have a bubble bath. Grab those left over Christmas Lush bits, or all the bath toiletries you got for Christmas (because we all know you got something bath related for Christmas!), run a deep bubbly bath, and put a face mask on. For bonus relaxation points, add some of the aforementioned candles to the room!

10. Curl up with a book.As a self confessed bookworm, my reading list is currently as long as my arm (possibly longer), but it remains one of my favourite things to do when I'm down in the dumps. Dig out an old favourite (I can always pick up a Karen Rose novel and never get bored), or grab something new (anything by Giovanna Fletcher is at the top of my list at the moment) and disappear into the pages. Add a hot drink for extra comfort. And a fireplace - if you have one.

That's my list - and I'm pretty sure I'll complete everyone of them by mid-January!

Coat and scarf both Primark, raglan top by Dani Green
What do you do to beat the January blues? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 


  1. Love this! I am massively in the January blues and will be trying some of these. Maybe starting with the bath tonight and a good face pack- can't beat a bit of pampering!

  2. I needed to read this. I hate January with a passion, I refuse to start dieting and exercising in January and prefer to do it in Feb cus January is such a miserable month anyway! I'm gonna take inspiration from a few of these!

  3. Ah i love this list! A few of them I'm going to do tonight especially the bubble bath & feel good movies.

  4. Love a bit of comfort food and I don't even need the January blues for that - sausage casserole or mince and dumps are personal faves of mine! I do need to get out and walk a bit more so I'll be trying that one this week.

  5. I love this post! I need a cosy night in with candles, comfort food and nice hot bubble bath right now! Unfortunately I have a fussy baby half asleep on my arm but maybe one night this week I'll manage it! x

  6. I'm going to make a point to try and good few of these this week - I think we could all do with a bit of a January pick me up!

  7. Ooh I love this, and totally want to snuggle up with popcorn and Gilmore girls now! xx

  8. Aw i love this rach! I cant wait to have a bath and light some candles and have a pamper when my woun us officially healed x

  9. Even just reading this made me feel good. Safe to say I'm pinning this to my task bar because as we're further into 2017, I'm definitely starting to get the blue feeling. The custard situ made me giggle!

    Emily xxx

  10. Love all of these! I said to Alfie yesterday that we will do some baking at the weekend as Daddy is away so we can stay snuggled indoors - hopefully he will have a nap so I can binge watch some Greys Anatomy as well!

  11. Love this - you've got some real great tips! I love getting out for winter walks and then having a bubble bath. Winter is all about the cosy!

  12. These are all such great ideas! January is usually difficult for me mentally but being pregnant in January has really been challenging! Baking, comfort food and candles have deffo helped me through! Also, just having alllll the blankets with me on the sofa hehe!
    Ps, love the photos girlie!

  13. Love all of these and definitely want to start working my way through them!

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