Henry’s seven month update

January 14, 2017

Why did no one warn me that after the six month mark, every seems to go at lightning speed? I mean,yes, the newborn stage did go by in a whirl of tears, milk and sleepless nights, but six months! Wow the development is insane!

Henry is now seven months old, which I think might just be the scariest age yet if I’m honest. I could cope with having a six month old. That still sounds pretty young. But seven months. It just sounds SO much older,and is definitely on the wrong side of my maternity leave – I’m over half way through now and it’s counting down to return to work a little too fast for my liking!

However as much is this mumma is completely thrown by the ever increasing rise of her son’s age (I of course knew it would happen, but I was still unprepared!) I have to admit I do love this age.
There’s not quite so much guess work and there’s way more giggles. Henry’s character is really developing and he is becoming a happy and cuddly little soul who adores people. I don’t think I could have asked for a better little boy – in my not at all biased opinion.

So here’s a little update on the last month (six month update here), now that Henry is seven months old! *weeps*

He has totally nailed sitting unaided. Yes there is the occasional fall after a few minutes, but I think he has the hang of it now, and can correct himself to a certain extent too.

He has also fully nailed rolling, both ways, and now uses it to aid him in moving around the living room/bed/to escape off the changing table. Nappy changes are now far more battling an octopus-like now!

He has also developed a worm-like shuffle to get him from one side of our living room to the other. He basically drags his entire body to where he wants to go. It is hugely entertaining and slightly worrying (we have zero baby gates yet) all at once. I will try to get a video for my Instagram stories!

The BLW is going really well, though we have had a few difficult dinner times which resulted in tears (from Henry) when he decided he really didn’t want any food, but I guess that’s the whole thin with baby led weaning. He is 100% getting better at holding foods and loves strawberries, broccoli, and marmite (occasionally all at once!).

He absolutely adores animals. He laughs and smiles every time he seems Archimedes, and always wants to stroke him and pull his ears (thankfully Archie for the most part just takes it, or else he runs out the room). He laughed hysterically at Ninny and Grampy’s dogs which was the funniest thing ever, and luckily I have it on film too!

We’ve definitely been hit with some full on teething, though as of yet, still no actual teeth. Sophie the Giraffe is our best friend at the moment.

Sleeping and naps are going well at the moment, though we do still bed share after his middle of the night feed or beforehand if he stirs but doesn’t want food. We have had a few really great nights where he’s slept through until 2am without waking at all which was kind of blissful I have to admit!

We’ve got a good little routine going throughout the day now, which makes planning trips and going out much easier.

I’m really looking forward to starting some new things with Henry over the next couple of months. I’m planning on taking him to our local church play group once a week, now that I think he’ll gain something from it, and we have a routine that means we will actually arrive on time! I’m nervous, as I’m not actually that great with that type of group setting, especially when lots of the mums already know each other! I also really want to take him swimming as he loves the bath!

Anyway – until next month! *crying on the inside*

11 responses to “Henry’s seven month update”

  1. Adrianne Calgie says:

    Henry is adorable! Seven months seems pretty scary though… more so than six months! It must be so exciting seeing him become a little person with his own personality and quirks though. I'm just trying to cling to the newborn phase!Ada x

  2. Jade - Raw Childhood says:

    Lovely post and yes I agree that 7 months sounds like a leap from 6 for sure! I'm glad you're liking BLW, I've done it with both of mine and I can't speak highly enough of it ๐Ÿ˜Š p.s. he is adorable ๐Ÿ˜€ x

  3. Karis Brelsford says:

    Aw he is just adorable. Where is the time going though!! Scary xx

  4. Emma says:

    That was a really lovely read. Love baby's although I am done with them myself. Don't worry to much about the other mums, everyone will have felt the same at some point so will hopefully be understanding and welcoming. Xx

  5. Lucie Loves It says:

    This was such a lovely read Rach. Love reading all about Henry as I get to see him on your insta-stories so it's like we're real life mummy friends!Can't wait for our London meetup!

  6. Ash - Mama Reid says:

    Ah the rolling! I remember once Ella mastered this nappy changing was never the same again!๐Ÿ˜‚ he's so cute xx

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