Our Christmas Day photo diary

January 3, 2017

Is anyone else really missing Christmas already? It can’t just be me? 

For a lot of people, today is the return to work, so most definitely the Christmas spirit is on it’s way out. 

After a lovely little Christmas period, and some well deserved time off, I finally sat at the computer to look through our Christmas Day photos – sorry it would have been sooner but I got knocked off my feet by a nasty headcold over the New Years period – and I decided I just had to share some of our photos, because even if I do say so myself, they are damn cute!! Plus being our first Christmas as a family of three, I felt it needed to be recorded on the blog! 

Henry’s Christmas morning smile! Like this kid could get any cuter?!?!

I didn’t actually wrap any of Henry’s presents, but he loved having a go at unwrapping, and trying to eat, the wrapping from ours! 

By far the sweetest little slippers ever – from Primark – and in Henry’s stocking! 

We made our very own Eggs Benedict at home with smoked salmon, and it was amazing! I feel like every Christmas is going to have to start this way! 

Enjoying his omelette!! And the most hilarious bib!!

Don’t even get me started on the sheer amount of dribble created by my child!! He’s in a perpetual state of dampness! And that last photo of Henry and I has to be my favourite ever!

Christmas dinner went down well – this is a broccoli face! He also tried Brussel Sprouts, which made him pull the most hilarious face, but he did keep going back to them.  

Evening cuddles – we lost the bib – don’t worry we had a vest underneath the jumper and the heating turned up so no catching a cold. 

How was your 2016 Christmas? Link me your Christmas posts below!

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