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Monday, 2 January 2017

Resolutions for 2017

I kind of love New Year. I like setting new targets and planning ahead, and thinking of how you want to change or update something.
It's a time for starting afresh and I'm all about self improvement.

Since becoming a parent I've really looked at myself and how I present myself differently. I want to set a good example for Henry (and any future kiddos) so want to be the best possible version of myself, and I can't think of a better time to start making changes for the better.

My 2017 resolutions aren't hugely blogging based, but will hopefully be reflected and seen in this blog, and in my social media activity too. They've taken me several weeks to compile together as I wanted them to really reflect who I am and want to be as a person.

Be more present
We get so caught up with all our technology, and so easily miss things. Yes I adore blogging, but man does it take up a lot of time, so this year I'll be focussing on being more in the now especially with Henry, and saving all the boring stuff for when he's asleep.

Take more everyday life photos
I do take a lot of photos, but sometimes forget to just take whilst out and about. I pretty much always have a camera for an event or something that is planned, but for just little things I forget. I've loved Naomi from Love Taza for as long as I have blogged, and one of the things that I find so inspirational about her is that they almost effortlessly remember to take photos of everyday life.

Help others as often as possible
At the end of the day I need to set an example for Henry. Being kind isn't hard, and is appreciated more than people know, so I'll be putting more effort into random acts of kindness and giving little compliments. Something I've learnt this year is that you never know what people are battling, or what feelings they're hiding so it's important to be kind to all, because it could help them an awful lot.

Cook more meals as a family, and spend meal times together
We're actually already getting a lot better at this, particularly with Henry starting to wean. It's a principle I want as a family - that we all eat dinner together around the table - and definitely no technology at the table. Dann and I also love to cook together, and I think it's one of the sweetest things to see in other people.

Write more letters
I love writing - can you tell? But I love handwritten letters even more. There's something eternally sweet about receiving a hand written letter. I write to my nan a fair amount (must try harder) so will be working harder to do this more often and for other family members. With social media,it's easy to assume everyone just keeps up with your life,but for our older generations, this just isn't true.

Focus on experiences over possessions
Don't get me wrong, I still covet the entire Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick collection (especially after seeing the 2017 colours), but I want to put more emphasis on doing things, rather than having things. I think I'll tie this into a 2017 bucket list. Alice did a great one for Autumn last year that she managed to tick off, so I've been inspired to do the same, but for the whole year! Plus let's be honest here, you don't remember all the stuff you owned, but the things you did, especially from your childhood!

So what are your 2017 resolutions?

Me: Penguin top - asos (out of stock now - but love this one) ; pompom hat - market seller; 
Henry: hat - Next (no longer sold); batman raglan - H&M; joggers - Primark; lion shoes - John Lewis
Dann: shirt - Primark



  1. In love with this post and your beautiful family! Best of luck on completing your resolutions, and a healthy happy new year to you and your family!! xx

  2. Such an awesome post :D... You both look soo cute <3

  3. Such a cute photos! Love your resolutions, especially the first one. :-) I just want to enjoy in everything that I do and to do everything that brings me happiness and joy. That is my only resolution.

  4. Excellent and family centered goals! It's good to focus now on your family. You'll have the rest of your life for blogging but just some years until the kids grow adults. Enjoy your year!

    Nora /

  5. Best of luck with your goals! Keeping them specific and measurable makes them easier to accomplish so here's to hoping 2017 is everything you hope it to be! x

  6. Great goals for the year best of luck and hope you have a great 2017 :)

  7. Cute photos and great resolutions. Especially "being more patient". I think i wouldn't be in half as much trouble I always am if I lived by that. Good luck with all of them :)
    Katja xxx


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