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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My mini Monet

Being indoors for days on end can be pretty hard, am I right? But admittedly something that us British folk have to deal with rather often with our considerable amount of rain. This becomes 10x harder when you're a parent and need to entertain a small child.

As part of our Christmas thank you notes (does anyone else do these? I had it ingrained in me by my mother that you always send a note to say thank you!), we decided to do a bit of painting with Henry (his first time painting actually) and of course I had to snap some photos of the momentous occasion! As you will be able to see from the photos, it was particularly messy business. These were taken a few weeks ago and he was still working on sitting without falling straight onto his face, which FYI he's doing much better on now - far fewer face-planting episodes thank goodness!

(The photos are actually from two lots of paintings as we didn't do enough for all the thank you notes in the first batch, so had to do a second load, which were EVEN MESSIER than the first lot, if you can believe!)

Anyway, these painting sessions and the recent spell of pretty nasty weather got me thinking about the things I could be doing with Henry while we're stuck inside, both to keep him entertained, and also help him learn new things.

1. So of course there is painting - just grab paper, coloured if you have it, card works even better - safe from scrunching hands, and water-based paint. We blobbed paint onto one of our IKEA dishes and planted his hands in it and then onto the paper. We did start out on a wipeable mat, but actually found it easier to play on the floor, especially as the paint cleans away with as little as a baby wipe!

2. What about making music? We have a kitchen full of pots and pans, plus wooden spoons and plastic spatulas, so we scatter them around the kitchen to be bashed and banged. The cheapest musical instruments around and get sensory stimulation too.

3. Speaking of sensory. We picked up this disco lightbulb for Christmas for Henry's stocking, and it's great for some chilled time in his room. I tend to put on a little music too. This would also work well with a mirror to reflect some of the light.

4. Build an obstacle course. If your baby is anything like Henry, they'll like crawling into/over/under almost anything and everything, particularly the things they shouldn't. So throw down some cushions, build some tunnels, and put out some empty boxes and baskets for them to explore. Hiding their own toys adds to the fun too!

5. Play in/with water. Now we love bath time (you may have read in this post) so why not extend that and have some water playtime during the day too! A tray of water to play with, or chuck them in the bath (obviously not literally)!

What are your top activities for your little ones to do indoors?


  1. It definitely looks as though someone has had a lot of fun with that paint!

  2. Aw what a lovely photo at the bottom! Painting is so much fun for young and old alike.

  3. Omg Henry looks like he had so much fun! What a cutie pie! Lovely gesture with the hand made thank you cards too! Might have to steal that idea with Amelia next year :D xx

    Lucie -

  4. You are braver than I am thats for sure! It looks like you guys had lots of fun though x

  5. Awwww these photos are adorable!! I did painting with our two this week and I have to say the mess just gets worse haha - they were painting each other after long! xx

  6. That smile! Looks like lots of fun was had!!

  7. Great ideas here for indoor activities! He looks super pleased with the painting too! xx

  8. Rachel this looks like so much fun - give Harrison a few more months and I am TOTALLY stealing this idea!


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