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Thursday, 23 February 2017

A little help from our....

local handyman!!
I bet you didn't see that coming.
Yes it took me an age to come up with that blog title. And yes, it will likely not help at all with this blog post explanation, or rank me well for SEO but hell, I kind like it.

Anyway, we've been thinking a lot about the final bits and pieces for our house. Maybe it's because Spring is getting thankfully closer, or maybe it's because Henry is on the move (OMG is he on the move) and I want the house sorted before we completely run out of time and hands!

We only have a few little bits and pieces around the house to be done, the biggest being some carpentry work to box off some pipes in our kitchen (don't even ask how/why our bathroom pipes are under the kitchen ceiling).
Now don't get me wrong, Dann is incredibly handy and fitted pretty much our entire kitchen, including re-boxing the down pipe in the corner, by himself (with a little help from his Dad, thanks Brad), but with Henry around, and working full time, it just makes sense to outsource the work so we can concentrate on the more important things - like teaching Henry to walk! *excited face*

So this is where Bidvine* has come to help. In just three simple steps, you and I, could be getting the much needed help around the house.
All you need to do is answer some questions on the service you require to match you to the right professional, then await the bids which you can compare in the comfort of your own home. Choose your favourite and hire them. It's all direct so there's no hidden charges. Just leave a review at the end to help others in the future.
We decided to search for a handyman in Southampton to complete our work. We selected handyman from the service list and input our postcode, then followed through the list of questions including location, type of property, type of work, and when required. You can also upload images and leave a mobile number to gt your bids in faster. All your requests are saved into your account so you can see each bid next to its respective project.

It's a super fast and really simple site to use, perfect for busy families and working couples/singles and well to be honest, pretty much everyone.

Use the site for everything from work around the house, to learning a new skill or interest.

Thanks to Bidvine for helping us get our home finished that little bit faster. It's only taken 2 years!

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  1. oh how cool, never heard of this x

  2. This sounds like a great website - we are due to move soon and may need some work doing, so I shall be looking this up for when the time comes!

  3. Ah I heard about this website before and forgot to look into it, will have to now! Sounds really helpful! x

  4. What a great site, especially when you can't rely on the men lol

  5. Bidvine is great - I've used it loads recently x

  6. We've used this site before and it is so easy to use! ox


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