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Monday, 27 February 2017

Cabana | Rio Street food in Southampton

Illustrated Teacup is certainly becoming the home of Southampton food at the moment, and I really kind of love it. Mostly because it means that my fair city is gathering an enviable collection of great food places, and I'll happily try them all!

Last week, myself, Dann and Henry had a Monday lunch to ourselves (annual leave for the win!) so wanted to try out somewhere new and a bit different. This came in the form of Cabana and their amazing Rio inspired street food! Now hold onto your sombreros for a post filled with food and many, many pretty photos... because Cabana is basically the best place ever for photos!

Having never really eaten Brasilian food we knew this would be a bit of an education for us, but we love anything a bit out of the norm, and a bit of spice is always a hit with Dann.

So what did we eat*?
Crispy "Lula" Squid - some of the best squid rings I've ever had! Served with a Malagueta (their spicy sauce) Mayo
Salt Cod Fritters - perfect for little Henry hands, and really fresh tasting.

We also tried their Malagueta Hot Sauce with the starters and it was a comfortable heat, mostly because of the fruity mix to it. I could handle it so it wasn't too offensive to the old spice receptors!

Guava-Cue Chicken Skewers - these are brought out on the skewer and then pull off by the waitress, and the chicken is beautiful. I'm not normally a massive barbecue fan if I'm totally honest, but I adored this. The red peppers are soft and compliment the chicken perfectly. The sweet potato fries were the perfect amount of salty and sweet (also a big hit with Henry - he loves sweet potato fries). The only thing I would have changed is maybe to add some slaw on the side, but otherwise it was a fabulous dish, and just the right portion size too!
Caban Feijoada - I still have no idea how this is pronounced even after a mini Portuguese lesson from our lovely waitress! In Dann's words, it was really quite wholesome (that's a good thing, apparently) and the meat stewed perfectly so it felt like good comfort food.

Churros and Hot Chocolate - I couldn't go to a Brasilian restaurant and not order Churros. These were perfectly seasoned with sugar and cinnamon, and the hot chocolate was a great compliment to the dessert.
Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream scoops - Henry and Dann shared this because both my boys love ice cream. Dann loved the refreshing Mango, and Henry kept going back for more vanilla - he loves to spoon feed himself bless him.

And to drink:
We both had a classic Caipirinha which is Brasil's national cocktail. It's really refreshing and packs a real sharpness to it from the lime. I don't think I'd normally have ordered one, but I;m really glad we got to try it as it was really good.
Dann also had an Amazon Iced Tea made from homemade tea, mint, wild leaf cordial and apple juice. Another really refreshing drink, with a bit of a sharp zing.

Above is Henry drinking water from a glass - it's his new favourite thing to do! He loves to slurp! Ha ha! 

We left feeling full but not so full that we never wanted to move again, which is somewhat impressive after a full three course meal (thank you Henry for playing ball with us for this one!) plus drinks!

We will no doubt be back, I'm intrigued to try a few more items off the Rio street food section of the menu as a sharing selection.

Thank you Cabana Southampton - you're a joy to have in our city!

*meal provided for review purposes. All opinions, as always, are my own. 



  1. This place sounds fabulous and the food looks delicious. I love the look of this restaurant and the cool seating area. Shame we dont have anything similar close to us x

    1. It's so lovely, and really cleverly designed!

  2. So glad you enjoyed yourself and ventured out of your comfort zone! I love the sound of the street food, especially the churros x

  3. Yum! The food looks amazing here. I'm not a fan of churros, but they don't look too greasy here!

    1. No they weren't, they seemed better prepared than the ones you get at markets etc. x

  4. I'm moving back to Winchester in September, so I'll have to try this out when I'm back. Everything looks delicious!

    1. You're going to love Southampton, so much has changed recently!


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