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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Happy Birthday to my love

So today my love celebrates his birthday!  This is our ninth celebrated together which is kind of astounding in itself! 

Nine years of birthdays and seeing you grow into my favourite human on the planet (we celebrated nine years together three days ago too!)

You're the hero to our little boy and neither he, nor I, could ask for a better father in our home. Yes I know I complain far too often that you faff (because honestly man, you faff) and I probably take over way to much, but we'll never stop appreciating everything you do (especially if it involves letting me sleep).

You're the best thing since sliced bread, and you work so hard. I know you're always going to do amazing things.

You're my perfect blogging business partner and instagram husband. I can't count how many photos you've taken for blog posts,  and sometimes retaken, cos this gal is super picky! You've learnt well how I like my photos and are getting the knack of my instagram theme. Also thanks for reading all my blog posts (even the beauty ones which bore you!) and liking all my IG pics and sharing all my FB updates.  Now if we can just get you going on twitter too we'd be laughing (actually probably not).

You're the clumsiest, most accident prone person I have ever EVER met, and then you decided to take up not, one but practically three martial art/self defencsy kicky, punchy things! (there may or may not be a made up word in that sentence) But I still love you, even with a black eye. 

You're 50% of my entire world - sorry you've been downgraded from 100% by Henry - but I know I 100% could not get through this life without you by my side. 

In preparation for this post I went through our photos, searching for my favourite ones for this post, but omg there are actually so many. I think this is one of my favourite things to do on birthdays, looking through all our photos and seeing how we've changed and reminiscing on all the little things we've done together.

Happy Birthday my love! You're still 22 in my eyes!



  1. You have so many lovely photos! That's a great idea to pick your favourites. It's my husband's birthday this week so I might have to do this too!

  2. What a beautiful and happy family, I love to see things like this. happy birthday to your baby too. :)

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  3. Lovely photos! Happy birthday to him to!! xx

  4. Oh what a lovely post and collection of photos!

  5. Aww what a lovely post, and what wonderful memories you've captured over the years. Laughing at the fact he has lego men heads in his plugs haha - My husband has a lego brick tattoo.. they'd totally get on haha xx

  6. Aww sweet, can he train my partner to be an instagram husband? He's rubbish. I hope he had a lovely birthday

  7. Ah, how lovely! Bet you have big plans for next year - the first decade under your belt! x


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