My Beauty Resolutions

February 1, 2017

So we may have just hit February but I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve this year for the past month, and something I really want to work on is beauty, make up and skincare.

I’ve always loved make up, but I’m definitely more of a budget friendly kind of gal, but with a fair number of beauty blogger friends, I am quickly being educated on the perks of spending a little more on my make up.
They’re also very good at completely unintentionally making me very guilty about my pretty much non-existent skincare routine. I’m a make-up wipes, quite often sleep in my make-up, wash with shower gel type of lass, and although my skin is pretty great (even if I do say so myself) I really don’t think it’s going to stay that way and I am not getting any younger!
Then there’s my hair, which has definitely been through a lot recently from pregnancy and then the ever-loving tugs from small chubby hands.

So first up…. skincare. As I said, my skincare routine is practically non-existent. Cleanse, moisturise and tone…. bahahaha!! Face masks…. I wish I had the time. The thing is I love a good pamper so I really need to work harder and making it happen.
I’ll be searching for new skincare to use, preferably multi-tasking as much as possible, and will be implementing a daily evening routine for before bed, every single day!!

Alongside my new skincare resolution is to continue my goal to be as cruelty-free as possible. I’m still a huge advocate of being as cruelty-free as possible when it comes to beauty products (unfortunately a lot of the higher-end brands tend to sell to China or sit under a company that does) and the same goes for my skincare and hair products.

As for my hair, I’m going to be working on strengthening my hair and increasing its longevity. It’s finally getting to a length and style that I really love so I need to keep it as healthy as possible, which includes heat styling treatments and masks.

As for my make-up I’m going to be looking at increasing my base range as I literally own one foundation and it’s pretty pants. I’m also going to be trying new brushes and contouring more (as I have had a lesson in contouring) as it really changed my face, and I do have some really lovely blushes, bronzes and highlighters now.
And finally I’m going to look into new and great brands that are cruelty-free but up the higher-market for once. I’m loving Kat Von D Beauty and Urban Decay so I’m looking forward to trying more from both, and branching out of my normal make-up zone.

To help me out with this frankly mamouth task I’ll be enlisting not only my lovely blogging friends (cos man alive am I going to need so advice here!) but also a little help from Voucherbox* and their exclusive Boots code, to help get the financials in order too!

Do you have any beauty resolutions? Or maybe some skincare/beauty recommendations? Leave me your posts/ideas in the comments below!

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11 responses to “My Beauty Resolutions”

  1. Nicole Davies says:

    I love beauty routines and seeing what make up and beauty products people use! Although it breaks the bank then 😂

  2. beautyqueenuk says:

    I love the sound of a lesson in contouring which I definitely need x

  3. Emma Louise says:

    I've just started upping my skincare routine from just miscellar water and moisturiser to using a facial oil and eye cream and a hot cloth cleanser and my skin is already seeing an improvement! x

  4. Rhiannon says:

    I definitely updated my make up routine last year, even though it wasn't a conscious thing. My big change has been using primer. It changes EVERYTHING. I always thought, what a silly step to add it, and when I tried one primer it didn't help so I stopped. But after trying 3INA primer I fell in love with it and now use it every time I put makeup on. Contour is also definitely the one!

  5. Gareth Torrance says:

    My wife has serious problems with skincare so I'm definitely gonna get her to take a look at this!

  6. Lucie Loves It says:

    My skincare routine has been all over the place. I'm super lucky as my Mum works for Debenhams so I often get makeup and skincare for birthday and Christmas as she gets discount. Can't wait to maybe see more beauty and skincare bits from you ;p xx

  7. The Smallest Of Things says:

    One of my goals for 2017 is to make care of my skin so I've started a skincare routine and am trying my hardest to stick to it 🙂 ox

  8. Kirsty McManus says:

    I envy you Rachel, my skin care routine is all but non existent… maybe one day eh

  9. Lindsey Burton-Harrison says:

    this year, I'm going out of my comfort zone and wearing lipstick

  10. Katy S says:

    I'd love to be better at skincare and make – up. I'm reallllly not!

  11. Madeeha Saeed says:

    For last three years my beauty goal is to spend more on my skincare. As i am not getting younger either, my skin needs a kick start.

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