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Friday, 3 February 2017

What's inside: January Degustabox

I find subscriptions quite interesting. It's something to look forward to every month, whether it's a magazine, craft kit, beauty box or food box.
Of course being a huge foodie I love the Degustabox* Subscription box. It's the best introduction to lots of new foods and drinks, and we love to try and create new dishes from the ingredients.

This month I got Henry involved with the unpacking of our Degustabox. Now that we're weaning and getting Henry into new foods, it's going to be really interesting seeing what new things we can introduce to him over the next few months.

So what's inside?

Protein Boost in Strawberry - one for Dann for after training. It's similar to most protein shakes, but is lighter than most, which left him feeling refreshed but not too full.

Aspire Drinks Cranberry & Mango Lemonade - these are healthy energy, calorie free, sugar free drinks. Luckily they aren't flavour free. The Mango Lemonade was lush and I couldn't easily drink it all day. I'm not a huge fan of cranberry, but those who are would love the Cranberry one. Both have Green Tea extracts making them super healthy!

Crabbies Raspberry Ginger Beer - another for Dann (he did well out of this box I tell you!) as I don't like Ginger Beer.

Chosan by Nature, Fiery Ginger Hibiscus Drink - another for Dann, as again, not a fan of ginger. It wasn't overly gingery, so you still got the taste of the hibiscus. Also, these African inspired drinks, donate at least 5p per bottle to an African food producer to improve their quality of life! Yay!

For the larder
Quinola Mothergrain - organic and fairtrade Pearl Quinoa with Split Peas. Not something I've ever tried before, but Dann loves Quinoa (I had no idea) so we're looking forward to putting this together for an evening meal (keep up with my insta stories for updates on how we use all our ingredients!)

Finn Crisps - crunchy Seeds & Sea Salt Crackers. Great with cream cheese for a light and healthy-ish snack during the day.

Natvia - a sweetner made from Stevia plant and natural nectar - we're currentlyusing thisinstead of sugar in our hot drinks and it's practically the same. None of the artifical taste you get from traditional sweetners.

The Chia Co - mini satchets of Chia seeds, perfect for popping on top of your breakfast or adding to your smoothie (must make more smoothies).

Little's Natural Vanilla Coffee - yes I know this is technically a drink, but it's not currently in liquid form. This has fast become a staple part of my diet, because vanilla coffee at home is LIFE!! Plus this stuff only has 4 calories, so that's good!

The Treats
Popchips in Crazy Hot - Under 100 calories and popped, not fried. These are actually hot. They've a hint of a hot cheesy taste to them, and they really do leave your tongue burning after a little while - even Dann, who loves spice, said these had a decent kick to them.

Yushoi in Coconut and Chilli - we love Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks and have tried most of the flavours previously so were pretty pleased to see this new flavour.

Fruittella - with 30% less sugar, they're exactly like the Fruittella from our childhood, but less naughty. Not going tolie,I demolished these whilst blogging, and they were the first to go!

The Collective - something a little different for Degustabox. Enclosed is a voucher for a live yoghurt and fruit compote pot. As Degustabox is delivered by a normal courier, fridge foods are kind of off limits, so this is a great way to have a dairy product without it being that old long life stuff!

Pip's Real Hot Chocolate - this is a little disk of chocolate to melt perfectly into a mug of hot milk. I could drink this every day, plus supporting a small independent business! Double win!

To get a huge £7 off your first box from Degustabox - use my code MV2GB at checkout!

*PR sample sent for review - all opinions as always are my own. 


  1. What a great box with loads of my faves too, I've seen this boox around and have been tempted! More so now that you've given us £7 off x


  2. I've never heard of Degustabox, but the snacks they sent you look tasty!

  3. This looks so good! A great way to try some new food and drinks especially for someone like me who isn't very adventurous!

  4. I wish I wasn't such a plain Jane with food, this looks great but i'm such a bore :( xx

  5. Aww that box looks super cool, full of tastey bits, The baby digging in looks super cute.

  6. This looks so great! I've always wanted to try Degustabox out - may have to give it a go now! x

  7. Looks like you got some nice bits this month! Lemonade sounds gorgeous!

  8. Ooh yum now I am excited, I am receiving my first Degusta box this weekend and I can't wait to sample all the goodies! Yum x


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