What’s in my changing bag – Edition 2 – 9 months+

March 20, 2017

I always knew babies came with a lot of stuff, but I was never really prepared properly until Henry arrived. Our hospital bags were filled to bursting just to see us through the delivery and bringing him home. Our newborn changing bag was also filled with odds and ends from the start.

Now some 8ish months on, we’re a little more clued up on what we do and do not need on an outing, and Henry’s needs have definitely changed, so I thought I’d write the “what’s in my changing bag, edition 2”. I’ve put this as 9 months plus, but really I think we’ve had this set up from about six months when we started Baby Led Weaning.

We’ve now switched on a more permanent basis to using a rucksack as our changing bag. It means more room in/on the pushchair, and hands free, plus it’s super roomy. Mine is Accessorize – though I’ve been eyeing up a few embroidery or leopard prints one too to add to my collection (sorry Dann)! 

So what’s inside our new and improved changing bag?

Nappies/Wipes/Cream – of course these are still a must! We now put them inside IKEA food bags which can be moved between change bags, and being transparent we can easily restock. How we went over six months without this trick I’ll never know!! We now use the bags for everything to make it easy to find what we need inside the bag!

Toys – we had a small assortment of toys, including teething rings and chews, and rattles, to keep Henry entertained. Again we keep these in the aforementioned food bags. 

Bibs/spoons – the dribble is very real in our house, so we never leave the house without a spare dribble bib. As we are still weaning, and it can be pretty messy, I also always carry a wipeable bib too. I also keep a spare spoon or two with me, just in case. Plus they make a handy toy in an emergency. 

Snack boxes – I fill these with an assortment of on the go snacks, like vegetable puffs or rice cakes, or pieces of fruit, so Henry has something to eat no matter where we decide to stop off. 

Food bag clips – for the emergency bag of snacks I need to pack up, these clips help keep everything fresh, plus they’re handy to have around.

Spare top/vest – I don’t usually bother carrying around a full outfit anymore, but a spare top is helpful if lunch or dinner goes everywhere! Or the dribble increases more than I expected. 

Spare formula milk – Force of habit to always have a spare formula milk with me. Though I am looking forward to the one year mark when we can say goodbye to Aptamil for a while.

Of course you’ll also find the normal assortment of pens, lipstick, tissues and receipts too – because I am a girl after all!

What’s inside your changing bag?

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10 responses to “What’s in my changing bag – Edition 2 – 9 months+”

  1. Sarah Mumx3x says:

    Aww, I miss my children being young enough for a changing bag! Instead I have my handbag filled with random bigger kid stuff, mainly Lego, lol. Anyway, the snack boxes are a great idea! I love the rusksack, too! xx

  2. Sandeep Sandhu says:

    My sister packs a similar variety of things in her rucksack for my niece. I do like the idea of using transparent bags, so I might suggest that one to her. I hate having to open up every carrier bag within the rucksack,https://www.illustratedteacup.com/logout?d=https://www.blogger.com/logout-redirect.g?blogID%3D7470676372954235967%26postID%3D2646589819890791054 just to find one thing.

  3. ThatgirlSue says:

    such a cute post! kind of thankful I don't have to deal with all of this yet

  4. Lynne Harper says:

    Gosh it's funny the amount of stuff that a little person accumulates. I had 3 under 16 months so going out was hilarious, everything but the kitchen sink came. X

  5. My Dreamality says:

    Fantastic essentials – can't go wrong with any of the contents of your bag! x

  6. Lindsey Burton-Harrison says:

    This is simliar to my little cave, but just have more crap and crumbs lol!

  7. Sarah says:

    Love the bag! I was going to say its super organised, and not filled up with random reciepts, rubbish, make up! Then you said you just didnt show that! 😉 still very organised though!

  8. UB REY says:

    Soo useful for new moms and I learned some tips as well!thank Hopi. These are essentials!

  9. fashionmommy says:

    I forgot just how much you have to carry when you have a small child.

  10. Anonymous says:

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