Becoming a Conscious Parent

March 12, 2017

The world of parenting comes with decisions. Oh so many decisions.
To breastfeed, or bottle feed?
Baby Led Weaning or Traditional Weaning?
Organic Cotton or Normal Cotton?
Baby Wearing or in a pushchair?
Disposable nappies or cloth nappies?

None of them wrong, all of them right.
Today’s post is about nappies. Honestly a topic I never really thought I’d ever blog about, but I love a good debate, a little education and trying new things.

To be frank, the thought of cloth nappies crossed my mind only fleetingly. I kind of knew I was always going to go down the disposable nappy route, despite wanting to do my best where I can for the environment, re-usable nappies just didn’t do it for me.
(now I will admit that they have some cute designs, and my friend who uses cloth nappies makes it all seem really simple so maybe, maybe next time)
So the great debate, once you’ve decided on the type of nappy, is the brand. And oh my goodness there are so many to choose from.

We’ve tried Tesco Baby, Aldi and Pampers, though pretty much just use Tesco Baby now. BUT there may just be a new contender that makes me feel a little more conscious as a parent.  

We’ve been working with The Conscious Parent Company.* looking at the advantages of becoming a little more eco-friendly and trialling their Bambo Nature eco-nappies*.

These nappies are award winning, which is always a pretty darn good thing, winning Gold in the Gentle Parenting Awards 2016 for Best Disposable Nappy as well as the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Award. They’re certified hypoallergenic, contain no perfume or allergens and are dermatologically tested to ensure they are as comfy as possible for little bottoms, plus they’re made from sustainable materials, ticking off that environment factor we talked about earlier (you can read all about why eco-friendly nappies are best in this post)!

What’s really great about these nappies, is you can by them to last you a certain length of time. Need nappies to last two weeks – covered! Select between one week, two week, or one month packs and you’re all set! Particularly good for holidays away!

We started trying them out whilst visiting family as the pack is a really great size – it’s not too big, so packs nicely into the car. They also last really well. The 30 pack easily lasted us a week, and the absorbency is pretty incredible. Plus they mask any smell really well.
Plus how cute is that little teddy? (and those chunky thighs!!!)

So would I switch? 
Yes I would, in an ideal world.If money was no object, I’d switch over today but…
These nappies aren’t the cheapest, but there is a lot more peace of mind, which considering how many nappies babies go through a little peace of mind for our planet, goes a long way. Unfortunately, our switch will have to wait, as with maternity pay about to stop, we’re counting the pennies. BUT I am quite keen to switch to the eco-friendly training pants in the future.

How about you? Would you switch to save the environment?  

*sponsored post, plus nappies provided for review purposes. All opinions, as always, are my own.  

8 responses to “Becoming a Conscious Parent”

  1. Danielle Eskdale says:

    I know I'm not a parent, so it might be weird my commenting on this but it's actually something I've thought a lot about. I was cloth nappied as a baby and it's always been my only thought for when/if I ever get to adopt, but I saw this brand recently on Youtube from a couple I follow and thought it sounded super cool. I had no idea you could get them in the UK but I wish more people would consider things like these!! It seems (in my town at least) it's all about brand and people automatically go for Pampers and Huggies without knowing much about them ethically etc.My Mam works in a nursary and in here whole time being there they have only had 2 children pass through who were in cloth or ethical nappies which is really sad,especially as there a large group of 'breast is best' Mams, who are so into organic and all that…why should nappies be any different?! I hope this post spreads the word a bit and makes people think!Also. Little guy is getting crazy grown up :O Perfect model.Danielle

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      You make some really valid points. Honestly I've very really thought about the environmental impact of our nappies, despite the fact I recycle as much as possible. I really think after trialling these I'm going to make more of an effort, and maybe even for number two really consider cloth nappies properly. xx

  2. Lubka Henry says:

    I've also started the big debate about what kind of nappies we'll be using when baby comes in a few months time.Although I like the idea of cloth nappies, I don't think they would work for me, so this option of eco-friendly disposable nappies sounds perfect! I will definitely check them out more thoroughly 🙂

  3. Anca says:

    I had a few discussions about this topic with a friend when she had her first child. I think it's better for the world and for the child to switch to eco nappies, but sadly money have to be taken into consideration too.Maybe these eco options will be cheaper in time if more people would start buying them.

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Definitely, money is always a huge factor when it comes to child-rearing, no matter how much we'd rather it wasn't!

  4. daisy walters says:

    I have tried every nappy going and if I'm honest, I'm not 1000% happy with any nappy we've tried so far.. I would love to be able to change to eco friendly nappies however cost is majorly important to a skint mama on maternity pay! They do look cute though, with the teddy bear! Love from Daisy xxx

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