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Friday, 10 March 2017

Embroidery Love Affair

Something I've noticed as I get ever closer to 30 and move further away from my early twenties is how often fashion is re-visited. I can't be the only late twenty-something that has noticed that half of New Look resembles their teenage wardrobe, and the nostalgia is more than welcome.

We've seen the of chokers in full force, some of which are the plastic kind, and the other are the upgraded velvet cuties. Midi skirts are also making a huge comeback, one that I am loving, possibly a little too much. And then my favourite of all the returned childhood and teen trends - embroidery! *heart eyes*

I'm a little obsessed with everything embroidered at the moment, and luckily (or unluckily if you're my bank balance) it appears to be everywhere too, which I'm a-okay with (sorry again bank balance).

My absolute favourite piece so far to grace my wardrobe, and well, my life, has to be this gorgeous navy puff sleeve embroidered dress* from Metisu. It is pretty much everything I could ever want from an a dress this season. Embroidered? Check! Cute sleeves? Check! Lots of room for the non-disappearing mum tum? Check!! Versatile? Check! Great quality? Check!
I've been wearing a few of my shorter dresses (aka the ones that risk flashing my bum to strangers when I bend over, which is all of the time, because hey Henry, you've crawled into a corner AGAIN!) as tops recently (for the aforementioned reason) and I'm really feeling the look. Paired with my high-waisted jeans they make a statement, and mean I get double the wear out of them! Win win!
Although I do love the dress with jeans, because it means I can wear it ALL day, EVERYDAY, I'm looking forward to pairing with tights in the spring, and maybe even bare-legged in the summer!!

Oh and also the dress is available in white too - perfect for summer!

To show my love a little further, here's a few of my absolute favourite embroidered pieces for this season!
You're welcome! (sorry again bank balance)

I have zero occasion to wear this, but this black sheer embroidered dress is the thing of fairytales!

I'm weirdly in love with this pink embroidered jumper too, which paired with a mini skirt (no bending please) is the perfect spring put-together for us Brits!

I'm a self confessed show addict and after Alice shared these last week, well I'm head over flats (see what I did there!?) for these embroidered loafers!

As a jeans lover, and currently on maternity leave, jeans are a staple part of my wardrobe - so I'm lusting after these embroidered skinny beauties!

Are you an embroidery lover?

Wearing: Dress (worn as a top) - Metisu // High-waisted Jeans - Primark // Shoes - Primark // Lips - Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red

You can also find my polka dot dress post also from Metisu here.

*provided for review purposes - all opinions, as always, are my own. 
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  1. I want alllllll the clothes and dresses. They're so beautiful xx

    Alice Anne //

    1. Their is so much choice!! I could make an entire A4 page of items I would love!

  2. Loving the idea of wearing dress as a top! You look amazing :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  3. I also love the embroidered look and recently bought a pretty dress from New Look which I've received some lovely compliments on. Also I hear you with the revisited fashions, let's hope that shell suits never make a come back. Those red pumps are really pretty, will need to see if Primark still stock them next time I'm in :)

    The Life of Dee

    1. Oh my goodness! Could you imagine shell suits coming back into fashion!?!?! Though I wouldn't be entirely surprised!

  4. I live your outfit, especially those red shoes😍

  5. I love your embroided dress and those red shoes are so pretty!

  6. Your look is so beautiful! Im obsessing over your tattoos❤

  7. Everything I see lately is embroided but haven't seen anything like that jacket before, it's definitely unique and really suits you :)

  8. Ooooh those shoes together with the red details in the jacket! I totally love this outfit and could surely wear it! xo Sabine

    1. I did think I had a rather genius moment when styling this I must admit! x


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