Henry’s nine month update

March 14, 2017

Oh my goodness I really can’t believe we’re at nine months! I no longer feel like I can say I’m a new mum, or that I have a tiny baby, because he’s been outside in the real world for longer than he was inside. He’s now 39 weeks old (39+2 to be accurate) and he was born at 38 weeks + 6 days! It’s hard to get my head around. I felt like I was pregnant FOREVER, waiting and waiting to meet this tiny human, and now he’s here, the time is flying by. He’s not a defenceless little baby anymore but a bouncing, climbing, standing and babbling little lad who is growing into the most wonderful human being that I could ever have wished for (soppy mum moment over…… maybe).

So yeah, nine months old. Nine months and two days…. and wow has it been so much fun.

So what’s new?

OK so big news, and one that Dann would never let me forget, Henry said his second word – Dada! Not going to lie I don’t think I’ve seen Dann look prouder! This was a couple of days after he turned eight months old, so he’s been saying if for about a month, though it does come out in more of a whisper, like it’s a secret he’s sharing. Of course, Mama is still going strong and is the go to when he is upset, which melts my heart.

We also have a stander/sofa surfer! I really didn’t think this would happen this soon as again this was quite soon after he turned eight months, and has steadily progressed. He now stands flat footed almost all the time, and can pull himself up on the sofa, or on his walkers or toy activity box. He’s also taken to pulling up/climbing legs too! And pulling himself onto his knees and then feet whilst in his cot (yep that’s being lower soon).

Swimming lessons are still our absolute favourite thing to do, and Henry’s confidence in water is just growing all the time. Water over his head, and being dunked under just doesn’t phase him at all.

We also seem to have turned a corner with weaning and meal times are now really important to him. He’s actually eating the food we give him, not just playing with it, and he’s loving food (though we’re struggling with veg at the moment). He’s happiest with a spoon and some yoghurt, and is really very good at feeding himself with it.

Sleep has improved. Henry now has his daytime naps in his own cot, and is down to two naps a day, one at 9am ish and one at 2pm ish. I’m pretty pleased that this little routine has developed all on it’s own so no one feels forced into it, and he’ll easily nap for an hour or two each time, meaning time for this mama to do blog work/have a hot cup of tea/waste time on social media!

And he’s developed the biggest love for dogs ever – as can be seen in this video I shared!!

Honestly, like I said last month, I think this age might be my favourite so far. His character is developing, and he just the sweetest, friendliest and most curious little boy and it’s wonderful to be his mum (I said the soppy maybe stopped….)

Until next time, I’m off to go cry as we get ever closer to his first birthday and my return to work. I’m already heartbroken!

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  1. daisy walters says:

    Henry!! You clever little boy. I can't believe he is 9 months now Rach, and what an amazing little boy you have! Love from Daisy xxx

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