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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We didn't go out today

We didn't go out today... or the day before if I'm totally honest.
We didn't get dressed, and we never even planned to.
I wore no make-up and didn't brush my hair.
We didn't leave the house once.

And sometimes that is perfectly OK, even when your baby is a bit older.

The thing is, with the weather like it is in not-so-sunny England, it's hardly difficult to think, that there are going to be quite a few stay-at-home days, especially when you don't have a car during the week (and frankly even if I did I'd probably hate it because this girl HATES driving!).

You often see these mums on the internet that really do have their shit together, and are out and about every single day,and every type of baby group you can imagine, having coffee dates with other mums and basically nailing mum life and maternity leave.

I don't do this.

And I'm finally OK admitting that actually mum life can be hard, and draining, and there are often many more days inside the house, then there outside of it.
I wrote about how maternity leave isn't a break - and I stand by that - and every mum has days where they  just want to get back to some sense of their old life, but hey, childcare is expensive, and day trips are too, so staying at home and saving the teeny amount of pennies from maternity pay really is the only option.

So what to do to make the days at home a little easier?

I try to plan little things for Henry and I to do in the house throughout the day. I swap around his toys between nap times. Plan in productive things to do whilst he's asleep. We try new games and toys, such as some sensory experiences (there's a few ideas in this activities post I wrote) or working on his new skills like playing with the walker or teaching clapping and high fives - we're doing well on the high fives, the clapping is just non-existent!

Our current favourite thing to do is playing with kitchen bits in sensory play. We fill a plastic tub with sensory bits like cereal and Henry goes nuts. Plus it's all safe for him to eat! We also play with kitchen utensils like wooden spoons, silicon brushes and measuring spoons. All perfect for banging and clanging!

So you see, it's OK to have a day,or two, or three at home, because we can't all be THAT mum, and real life isn't necessarily quite as exciting as Instagram makes out!

What do you do on days when you stay in?


  1. I used to do too much when my son was small and I really wish we'd just spent more days just chilling at home.

  2. With a cutie like that as company and a warm fire nearby why would anyone want to go out in this grey cold wet British weather :) Sensory cereal sounds yummy for baby!

    Julie Syl Kalungi :)

  3. Lol this looks like fun and what a cutie :) Enjoy your time at home

  4. I think even the 'shit together' mums have days when they just stay at home and do nothing, they probably just post pics on IG that was taken on another day ;) Sensory cereal sounds like a fun thing to play with plus eating it will save on the clearing up part too

  5. Well, I don't have babies but I love staying indoors blogging, cooking, having pampering days - or just sleeping haha. That little one is super cute btw. :)

    Nora /

  6. We've been hanging out at home as well for the most of the days :D although, days fly by so fast with a newborn. Everything goes around thinking when was the last time he ate & how long has he been sleeping haha :D

  7. He's so cute! Sometimes staying at home where its warm and cozy make for the best days :)

  8. I love how you plan your days and try to freshen up toys and activities. Such a great idea. Sometimes its nice to stay at home and I think staying at home is perfectly fine, especially if there are so many things to do there.

  9. He is so adorable. There is nothing wrong with having an indoor day. I remember my mum doing crafts with us indoors on many ocasions and we had a great time.

    - Melissa xx

  10. I love days at home. time to do nothing but kick back and enjoy quality family time without rushing about. We tend to do this one day at the weekend and we really enough it. Love the sensory ideas :) x

  11. This is real life right here. This is exactly how I did and still do live. PJ days can sometimes be the best days!


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