Seven mum and baby essentials

March 6, 2017

Having been in this game for 9 months now (where did the time go?!) I feel like I’m in a reasonably good place to give some friendly mama advice.
We’ve been pretty lucky that most stuff we’ve bought or been given has been useful, or at least used, with very little being a waste of money (thank goodness as babies can be sooooo expensive).

As a little disclaimer, I’m of course working from what worked for us, and this is definitely not the be all and the end all. Just a few things that I think really helped us, and honestly, most mums should probably try if they can.

Now you’re obviously going to need the basics, such as a travel system/pushchair, car seat (you need that as a minimum to get baby home from the hospital!), a place for them to sleep, and clothes, nappies etc. This list is the little bits and pieces.

1. A Sleepyhead. This was probably one of the absolute best investments we ever made! Yes it is a little pricey, but for us, it was 100% worth the expense as it really helped Henry to sleep in his crib, and then his cot, at night. Lucie from Lucie Loves It wrote a fantastic review of it too!

2. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment. We’ve luckily not encountered too much in the way of nappy rash, but when we’ve seen the first signs, usually around an episode of teething, this stuff is a genuine bum saver! Luckily I was given two tubes of the stuff whilst pregnant, and it last FOREVER it seems, but I would definitely pay out for it too.

3. Wipeable Baby Bibs for BLW. So these have been clothing savers recently, and after two months of cleaning them with baby wipes after each meal, we finally clocked that we could wash them with our dishes instead, then hang them off the tap to dry!! We’re nailing this parenting lark I tell you! Anyway, we love these, especially when Henry has yoghurt or anything with a liquid-y texture as it always goes EVERYWHERE! We’re using these ones from IKEA at the moment! (You can read about our BLW journey here and here too – shameless plug)

4. Muslin Squares. A fairly obvious one, but an absolute necessity, and although you may think you have too many, you will NEVER ever have too many. My personal favourites are a pack we got from my sister from Aldi as they’re huge.

5. Dummy clips. We’ve only started used a dummy clip in the last few months but it’s now become an absolute essential, especially when we go out! Henry has a habit of spitting his dummy out in his sleep, or whenever he fancies really, and being a fidget and on the move, it’s very easy to lose a dummy. Our dummy clip is from Nuby UK* and is so cute, plus no beads, so no risk of it getting broken and a bead being swallowed!

6. Teething Toys. You will at some point or another face the dreaded teething, probably more than once. Probably more than several times if I’m totally honest. I feel like we’ve had teething forever, and no teeth to at least acknowledge our efforts! When Henry’s gums are feeling particularly irritated we give him Sophie La Giraffe who has to be one of our most loved toys. Don’t worry, if you’ve seen social media and the mould issue around Sophie, most are absolutely fine, just don’t wash her by submerging her in water. We use wipes to get her clean and don’t have even the slightest whiff of mould from her! You can also read about our favourite teething bib here, and teething necklace.

7. Mama friends. Unfortunately not one you can buy, but probably the most important one of all. I don’t have many real life mama friends, though we do have mums and babies that we talk to weekly at classes. But the mama blogger friends I have made are my lifeline. I have many things to be thankful for from my journey in parenthood, and these girls are very high on that list of thankfulness! (btw you should definitely read this post from Kirsty on online friendships!)

You can also read my other baby essentials for first time parents.

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18 responses to “Seven mum and baby essentials”

  1. daisy walters says:

    *taking notes*.. I need a sleepyhead, although Bella is a fab sleeper we are supposed to have the 4 month sleep regression coming up so I think I should invest before it hits!! Love from Daisy xxx

  2. Kristina Maggiora says:

    aww first of all – you look so glowing and lovely! Second – love how there's so many essentials for everything a baby might need. The teething toys are cute!

  3. Lynne Harper says:

    We used lots of these items when my twins were small, Sophie was a massive hit here. Great list for new mums, its always great getting tips for what works from mums who have been at it a while x

  4. Emma Heapy says:

    This post is so useful for a new mama, thank you Rachel xxGlossy Boutique

  5. Me & Your Raising Two says:

    Lovely post Rachel, covered all the essentials! I couldn't be without our sleepyhead or muslins! x

  6. Rachael | Toddlers and Tantrums says:

    George never took to his Sophie Giraffe but wipe clean bibs and Metanium are life savers! Rachael xo |

  7. Georgina Clarke - Pregnancy & Baby Blog says:

    I have just got a Sleepyhead and I am praying it's not a fluke but my baby has suddenly started sleeping like an absolute saint!

  8. Tinyfootsteps Blog says:

    Elowen's just about growing out of our purflo nest so I'm wondering whether or not to invest in a sleepyhead. I don't think she will like going straight in her crib without something! Eeek. And yay for mama friends – keeping me sane on a daily basis. 😉 Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  9. Lucie Loves It says:

    Yay foe mummy friends! You girls are amazing! Wipeable bibs sound like a mut as we dip our toe into the pool that is weaning!Great list hun x

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