Date nights for parents

March 16, 2017

Being a parent means foregoing quite a few things in favour of your little ones. Hot meals. Hot cups of tea (I miss them the most I think). Using the bathroom in piece. Having clean clothes for an entire day. Eating alone. Going out alone. And going out as a couple alone… well we’ve gone 8.5 months without going out alone.
It’s a sacrifice we were of course willing to make, but man do I miss a good old date night.

We’re now at a stage where we feel Henry is in a good enough place with his night time routine that we can leave him with someone else (hoorah!) so that’s what we did. Henry’s Godparents kindly took over the ropes for the night and allowed us to go out for our very first date night as parents.

To celebrate this frankly momentous occasion, we decided a night at the brand new Showcase Cinema de Luxe* in Southampton’s Westquay South. As a treat for Dann too we decided to see Logan. Disclaimer here, OMG is so so violent. Like the film is amazing, but so very different from the previous ones.

Showcase is basically the best cinema I’ve been to and that is no lie.
And I’ll sum it up in three words… leather recliner loungers. Yep leather, recliner, loungers. In every single screening room. And for every single seat. It was the epitome of comfort. There was no numb bum. No heads in the bottom of the screen. No leaning to one side to view the whole screen.

Pretty much, I’ll never be able to go to any other cinema again, because they’ve taken cinema to a whole new level. And you can get your bum I am seeing Beauty and the Beast at Showcase too!

After our first successful date night alone this mama and dada got thinking about potential future date nights:

Trampolining – we love Oxygen Freejumping and have heard that late at night it’s pretty quiet so the perfect time for a bit of fun and laughter, plus it’s excellent exercise.

Bowling – we are lucky to have gotten Hollywood Bowl into Westquay too, and although I worked in a bowling alley for many years so it’s not quite so exciting, there is a sense of nostalgia to it, plus I’d love to beat Dann!

Couples picnic – don’t fancy leaving the house/garden? Why not set up a little picnic, either in the living room, or out in the garden. Get a firepit for smore’s and a cosy cuddle if you’re outside too!

Pizza-making – after my experience at Franco Manca, I’m so into making pizzas, so grab a cookbook and get creating your own masterpiece. Extra dessert for the best pizza toppings and design!

*cinema tickets provided in exchange for review of venue – all opinions, as always, are my own. 
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19 responses to “Date nights for parents”

  1. Me, him, the dog and a baby blog says:

    Looks like a really snazzy cinema!!

  2. Emma Heapy says:

    Omg I want that eggchair! Hope you had a lovely night xxGlossy Boutique

  3. Helen J says:

    Date night is so important yet sometimes hard to fit in. I love the idea of a couples picnic and smores on a fire pit – one to remember for the summer!Helen x

  4. Mellissa Williams says:

    Date nights are so important. You have some great ideas here, we love going out for a meal. A simple idea but it means we focus just on ourselves for that time.

  5. ana de jesus says:

    Now that is one luxurious cinema and it is amazing that you got to have your very first date night in over 8 months. You two make a lovely looking couple by the way, goals xx

  6. Mummy Gummie says:

    I miss date nights with the hubby too! Leather reclining seats!! Sounds epic!! Not sure about the trampolining don't think my pelvic floor/bladder could take it to be honest!

  7. Oscar's Toybox says:

    That cinema looks amazing! You have some great date night ideas here Rachel :)Louise x

  8. Ickle Pickle says:

    What a fantastic cinema! I am single so no date nights for me! Kaz 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love some of your date ideas. I love doing experience based things for dates.

  10. Blogger Mummy Lauren says:

    It looks amazing there! I took the kids to the cinema last weekend and I had a numb bum by the end, the seats kept folding up on my daughter too! Haven't had a date night with my husband since 2012, tragic!

  11. Samantha says:

    Great post! I found it very useful. Love the final result. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips. see it here

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