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Friday, 31 March 2017

What Beauty and the Beast can teach our kids

So I saw Beauty and the Beast last week and three words for you.
It was incredible!!

Now I knew I was going to love it from the start as BATB is probably my favourite Disney film of all time, and the live action might just have stolen that top spot because it was utterly perfect.

Being such a fan, I'd seen many reviews of it, the majority of which where hugely positive. But I couldn't be on social media and not see some of the backlash for the film, especially around LaFou's character *spoiler alert* who is in love with Gaston. Josh Gad plays the role beautifully and to be honest, very nearly steals the show with his performance as LaFou.

I debated so much whether I wanted to write this post, but I decided after reading Toby and Roo's post on the same subject that I just had to - thanks again for the inspiration Harriet!
The thing is Beauty and the Beast isn't just magical and beautifully crafted with amazing songs and outfits and actors, it teaches so much.

Love conquers all
This is the main moral of the story. It's at the heart of the plotline, but it is shown in so many different ways. Of course you have Belle and the Beast who overcome their appearance and adversity to fall in love. There's also LaFou who loves Gaston. Ultimately at the end he meets someone else and his happiness is clear. And there's also a number of inter-racial couples within the castle including Lumier and Plummette which I think is equally important to show to children. None of these should *have* to be shown as acceptable, because they just are, but Disney showing these will hopefully start to educate our children alongside our parenting to start to breakdown these poor misconceptions on who can and cannot fall in love with each other.

Live with your actions
Something that always bugged me about the original was how the sorceress condemned the entire castle for the Prince's actions, which seemed a little unfair to me. However the live action explains why they were all shared their fate and why they stayed. They lived by their actions. They felt they deserved what they got so lived with the choice they had made previously.

Always be kind
A trait I always loved about Belle. She was ultimately always kind, no matter the circumstances. Yes she could have left the beast to be eaten by wolves, but she didn't. She cared and was kind to him, and that ultimately changed him as a person.

Girls can be and do anything they want
Another reason I love Belle, and I'm in love with how they developed Belle's character in the new film. She's not just the daughter of an inventor, but an inventor herself, which you had to suspect would happen with women-empowering Emma Watson playing her. She reads, and teaches girls to read. She stands up for herself. She's everything, every little girl should want to be. And what every little boy should look to love.

So to all the haters out there I say, learn to be kind. And take a little from the films moral teachings, because we need more films like this so we can have a generation who accepts all, and maybe, just maybe, we can have a better planet for our children.

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