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Saturday, 4 March 2017

What's Inside: February Degustabox

It's a new month, which means a brand new Degustabox* delivery. The foodie highlight to my month. 
This month was a good'un with lots of brands, new and old, and a real mix of healthy foods and naughty treats.

So without further ado....
(there's a money off code at the end of this post just FYI!)

Blosson Hill Elderflower Wine: Probably the highlight of the box, and a delightful and refreshing wine, absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer! Even Dann liked this and he normally dislikes white wine!

Just Bee Blueberry Water: Not a personal favourite, but it's a light and flavoursome water drink.

Double Dutch Mixer: We don't really keep alcohol in the house often, and when we do it's usually rum, so this may be in the cupboard for a while, but it looks perfect for Gin and a summer's day!

Coldpress Fruity Greens Drink: I love a good smoothie and this one was excellent. For a green juice it was actually much sweeter than I thought it would be, and packed full of great flavours. 

Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk: I'm giving this a try in hot drinks as an alternative to milk as we're switching to whole milk ready for Henry. 

Heinz No Added Sugar Baked Beans: We love Baked Beans, and these snack size tins are perfect for Henry and I to share at lunchtime.

Kabuto Vegetable Katsu Noodles: Dann took these to work for lunch, and well he loved them. So I guess they're good!

Bebeto Candy Crush Sweets & Cheesecake Sweets: Probably the two strangest sweet bags I've ever had, but they were pretty awesome too! The Cheesecake sweets were particularly good. 

Mautson's Banana Chips: Again a treat for Dann (actually a lot of the treats this month went to Dann if I'm completely honest!)

Diablo No Added Sugar Chocolate Waffer: Not even going to lie, this was the first thing to be eaten. It's basically a Blue Ribbon (do you remember those from lunchboxes as a kid?) but lighter. 

Dark Chocolate Americanos: perfect with a cup of coffee - apparently - Dann took these chocolate covered coffee beans to work and loved them! 

Willy Chases's Fit Popcorn in Apple Cider Vinegar: These again went to Dann and he really liked them, as a popcorn fan. Because of the Apple Cider Vinegar they're like a slightly sweet salt n vinegar flavour. We also received a small sample of Apple Cider Vinegar to use in our own cooking! 

Peppersmith Dental Mints: Probably the most obscure item to have received in a Degustabox, but these are currently living in my handbag! 

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  1. There seems to be a fair range of products in the box which is good. Seems to be quite a few sweet items for the Feb box. The cheese cake sweets sound yummy!

  2. Some great items in there. The wafer would have been the first to disappear from mine as well. The popcorn flavour sounds a little strange though x

  3. Some great bits, i love Just Bee their drinks are super tasty and very healthy for you. x

  4. Love the sound of the Willy Chases's Fit Popcorn in Apple Cider Vinegar, I love trying new popcorn flavours x

  5. I've never heard of that box before, but oh my, look at all of those amazing products!

  6. Those cheesecake sweets sound amazing! Lots of great products you've got this month for sure x

  7. These boxes always sound so good! I've heard great things about the Cold Press Juices before! I must try them!

  8. Those chocolate covered banana chips look so good! It looks like it was a goodie packed box. x

  9. I like the range of products, the wine and the Katsu noodles sound fabulous.


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