Easter Homemade Rocky Road

One of the best things about Easter has to be the food – to be fair, the best bit of most holidays is the food.

Yes it is not in the least bit healthy, hello chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, but it is truly yummy. 

I’ve never really done much baking or cooking for a holiday but I thought I’d start changing that up and making an effort around the holidays, because Henry is growing up so fast so I best get my act together. 

To start things off I thought I’d update my Chocolate Biscuit Cake and make an Easter inspired Rocky Road.

It’s essentially the same recipe as before (linked above) but before you add into the dish, mix in a handful or two of mini marshmallows, and a bag of Mini Eggs. Once pressed into the dish, grab a bag of Mini Creme Eggs, cut them in half and push the halves into the top of the mix. Then place in the fridge for a few hours to fully set. 


Once nicely set, cut into squares. 

These should keep for a good couple of days – if you don’t eat them in one sitting – and are best kept in the fridge. 

Have you done an Easter bake? 

Leave me your links in the comments below of your favourites. 


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