Henry’s 10 month update

April 12, 2017

This last month has really hit home that my little boy is barely a baby anymore. It feels like so much has changed and he’s grown up and become this little person more so than ever before.
I know he’s still technically a baby, and he’s not a toddler yet, but he seems so big now. Of course this has been amplified about 100x by his Godmother’s announcement that she is having her own little bundle of joy, but it’s been such a rollercoaster of a month that I think I’d have felt this way no matter what.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this age so so much, and it just seems to keep getting better and better (nine month update here) and although I do wish I’d relished those quiet newborn baby days a little more, I am adoring this fun, giggly, cuddly and energetic little minx that I get to spend my everyday with.

So why has this month made such a change?

Well Henry is officially crawling now, and at a rate of knots I tell you. Yes it’s a little slow coming as he’s been army crawling around loads, but he’s finally up on those hands and knees and there is no stopping him!!

In the same weekend, he also mastered the stairs. Luckily he only shows an interest if we’re actually stood by the stairs, and we had our baby gates ready to be fixed up. He has excellent technique I have to say.

However, with the ability to climb the stairs, came the want to climb EVERYTHING which resulted in a fall out of the cot. We’ve since lowered the cot down, and Henry is absolutely fine. Just a bump to the head and a little fright (more for me than him I think too).

The sofa surfing is going well, with him navigating around legs across the sofa and over to the coffee table. He’s also still standing as much as possible, and starting to let go of things to stand unaided though admittedly he 99% of the time drops to his bum or leans forward again a split second after letting go!

Water is his new favourite thing, and we’ve made excellent progress with sippy cups. He’s now at the stage where he will climb all over you to get to your drink if he spots it, because he’s all about sharing/stealing your drink!

We have a new favourite movie in Moana, and there’s also a lot of love for Tangled too!
As for toys, we’re playing with books a lot at the moment, and stacking rings, which he enjoys knocking over very much. He’s also fascinated my wheels on toy cars/trucks.

Very luckily we have the happiest and smiliest little boy you could ever ask for, and that, above everything else, is the most important thing to me. Happy 10 months baby boy!

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