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Monday, 24 April 2017

Living Room Tour

One of the things I love most about being a home owner is the fact you have free-reign to do whatever you please with your home at any time. 
We're very lucky that we own our three bed house, and we have a lot of space to work with, which is particularly handy with a rampant 10 month old crawling all over the house. 

We decided recently to have a little change up in our living room and re-organise as Henry is finding his feet more and more, and also discovering a new love of cables and getting stuck into corners. 

We felt like I wanted our living room to be more family orientated so my desk needed to go and move upstairs so our dining room table could come into the front room to make a living/dining space. 

I also thought I'd show how we keep all Henry's toys tidied away in the evenings so we kind of get our adult space back. 

There's still plenty that I want to do with the room, including eventually changing the dining table set (I really want chairs instead of benches, though they are brilliant space savers) but on the whole I'm very happy with our little space.

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