Redefining my wardrobe and the issue of the mum tum

May 8, 2017

A lot changes during and after pregnancy, and one of the biggest (after you know actually producing a child) is the change to your body. I both loved and hated being pregnant, and getting used to a changing body was definitely hard.
Post-baby, I shrunk down reasonably quickly and got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within a few weeks of giving birth, which I must admit was quite pleasing. However, the weight-loss stalled…

Now eleven months later I’m now comfortably back to my normal size, i.e. back into size 12 clothing quite nicely, but I have the dreaded “mum tum”. I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly pleased or even very happy about it. My once somewhat flat stomach now has a jelly-like wobble and no amount of breathing in is going to hide it! And it isn’t the easiest thing to have to come to terms with.

Yes I’m sure with a little exercise it would shift a little more, but I’m not really an exercise person (I can never find the motivation if I’m completely honest) and I’m seriously lacking in time between looking after a rambunctious (I love that word) 10 month old, keeping the house in one piece, and running this blog (don’t even get me started on how I’m going to survive going back to work), plus you know, eating and sleeping too! Exercise just isn’t a priority for me. Plus from what I’ve read, the mum tum isn’t likely to be shifted unless I want to dedicate hours and hours in the gym and change my genetic coding, as some mums get it and some mums, just don’t (lucky ladies)!

So I’m learning to accept my new body (very, very slowly, it wasn’t like it was my favourite thing pre-pregnancy) and with that, means changing my wardrobe.
I’ve never been a big bodycon person, but I did wear fitting tops and the occasional close-fit dress, which really just don’t do anything for my confidence. So the charity shops have been doing well as I slowly reduce my wardrobe down of my old clothes and learn to dress for my new shape.
Of course as any good clothes lover, I have been restocking my wardrobe, and thankfully a lot of the current trends are perfect for the mum with a tum.

With a new(ish) wardrobe, that means I can bend without flashing (thanks midi skirts), crawl around without having to pull my jeans up (yes to dungarees) and feel pretty in smock dresses perfect for summer.
My body might not be perfect, but it did create a life, keep him safe, and that makes it alright in my eyes!

Have you changed your wardrobe since becoming a mum? 

2 responses to “Redefining my wardrobe and the issue of the mum tum”

  1. Lycrawidow says:

    Yes! My entire wardrobe has changed, although I'm actually smaller now than before babies, a lot of my dresses have been replaced by wrap dresses, and I've finally started wearing jeans! My wardrobe is now based on whether or not I can breastfeed in it, and also to reflect that I'm. NOw an almost 30 year old mum of 2, not a bank manager in her early 20's (bye bye killer heels ��)

  2. Leanne Marie says:

    i absolutely loved reading this and the pictures are wonderful. it must be such a strange thing to get used to going through such a dramatic body change, but despite your initial unhappiness about it, it's great you've found a wardrobe that suits you and are making it work. love a good midi skirt!

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