Durdle Door – Dorset (yes it rained!)

May 30, 2017

On our way over to Weymouth a couple of weeks back we decided to break up our journey with a little stop off at Durdle Door, Dorset.

I think the location is fast becoming a blogger cliche (not that I care in the slightest – give me all the blogger cliche shots) for the South Coast, but it such a beautiful nature spot. 

Of course in typical British fashion it absolutely poured it down whilst we were there, and I was definitely wearing the incorrect shoes which are now totally ruined (not just from this trip but a week of rain and as they got wet first I figured I might as well just ruin them and by new ones fresh) but it was totally worth it for the views and the photos! 

How adorable are these too little hoodlums?!?!

I think this might be one of the most perfect picnic spots ever, and if it hadn’t been pouring with rain we definitely would have had lunch outside. We ended up having lunch in the car instead which was still fun, but I am 100% sure we sill be coming back in the sunshine. 

Fair warning, there is a pretty big hill to go down to get to this spot, and getting back up it afterwards was hell (I still get nerve pains in my back and leg from carrying Henry if I have to walk up hill) but it really is worth it, though walking boots would have been handy! 

I secretly love this shot, even though it is 100% my frowny, what ARE you doing?? face!! 

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