Making Fruitsicle Pops with Nuby UK

May 10, 2017

You know those parents who’s kids refuse to eat fruit and veg.
We’re becoming those parents.
Fruit isn’t the problem, Henry is a pretty big fan of fruit, but veg is slightly problematic at the moment.

Of course we’re not pushing the veg too hard, with an 11 month old it just seems pointless. So instead we’re focusing our efforts on making sure Henry gets plenty of fruit into his diet, and maybe the odd veggie too.

And we may have found the perfect way to get those all important fruits and veg into our little boy, with a little help from Nuby UK. We’ve been testing out their Garden Fresh Fruitsicles* maker and it is probably one of the best weaning tools we’ve used.

Basically it makes baby ice lollies from your favourite purees, that are really easy for your little one to hold and eat. Perfect for early foods and extra soothing for teething gums too. The handles are big and makes it simple for little hands to hold.

We’ve tried a number of different things inside to try with Henry and they’ve been a huge success,to the point where Henry was in tears because he finished one and it didn’t want it to end – I’ve been there little guy!!

Our successes so far:
Ella’s Kitchen Banana’s and Coconut Puree with Low Fat Natural Yoghurt (half and half)
Ella’s Kitchen Carrots, Apple and Parsnip Puree
Ella’s Kitchen Strawberry and Apple Puree

These are so perfect for summer so I’m really pleased they are going down a treat and make getting some extra vitamins into our boy a tiny bit easier, and a whole lot of fun.

What flavours should we try next? 

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