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Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank You Notes #2 - the garden renovation edition

Another month down, and I think this one has been one of the hardest months of the year with the knowledge that it's my last full month at home with my baby boy before I return to work. The weeks are flying by and I'm slightly overwhelmed by the next chapter of our life, but I do know that is the very best for our family.

We've also undertaken the huge task of renovating our garden which I'm not going to lie has been completely transformed in the two years we've been here.

When we first moved in, there was a aluminium garage took up half the garden, and the remainder was covered in pots and plants (that we thought were going with the previous owners). Since then we've stripped it right back. We've replaced the shed with a brand new one, re-done the flower bed with sleepers, and added a gravel border by the conservatory.

To top it off we've been slowly adding pretty bits and pieces with a little help from Homesense* to get the garden looking as homely as the indoors.
We've added the cutest little garden sign to the side of the shed, which I'm entirely too obsessed with! A little cat statue has found it's home in the gravel border in memory of our cat Dante, and a cute collection of unique, one off plant pots. I'm now just hoping I can keep the plants alive!!

So back to this month, I've been really concentrating on all the little things to be thankful for, to focus away from the scary bits coming and I'm really thankful for our little garden and how it's finally taking shape!

Thank you Dann for the amazing Bank Holiday mega lie in!! Who knew I could sleep so much!! And also thanks for doing all the hard bits of the garden renovation!

Thank you Dominoes for your Italiano range and proscuitto on pizza which basically stole my heart.

Thank you B&Q for ALL the plants! Including the herb garden plants!!

Thank you Tesco for making THE cutest baby boy clothes!! I am all about the safari prints right now. My bank balance is, however, less than thankful.

Thank you weekends for sunshine and roast dinners with the family.

Thank you Bones (that's the TV show - currently re-watching) for inspiring me to start a new hobby just for fun.

Thank You Haven for a lovely week in Weymouth, albeit a wet one!

Thank You weather for a week of rain, because although I wasn't a huge fan myself, the flower beds really needed you and seem to be coming back to life a little.

Thank You Ella's Kitchen for the best fruit puree's and fruit pots which Henry is obsessed with!

Thank You Sherbet Fountains for just existing - I forgot how much I simple adore you, even if you are horrendously bad for my teeth.

Thank You Homesense for making our garden look super pretty, even whilst half finished!!

Thank You Henry for being the light of my life. For laughing so hard it makes me cry with laughter. For the hugs and big wet kisses. For the snuggly cuddles. For the best year of my life.

And most of all Thank You world for showing that humanity can be amazing, it can be wonderful, even in the face of terror.

*gift card received in exchange for blog post - all opinions and thanks are my own. 


  1. I love that blue and white plant pot!

  2. Such a beautiful garden. That little sign is so cute.


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