Henry’s 11 month update

May 12, 2017

This is the penultimate update for Henry’s first year of life and these updates are just getting harder and harder to write as we get closer to his birthday (how has it been nearly a year!?!?).

I have to admit, I do really love this age, and as he gets older I think I love him a tiny bit more. His personality is honestly shining and I love that about him so much! He’s so happy and although he can throw the mother of all tantrums, he is mostly an utter joy to be around and spend time with (not at all making it 100x harder to go back to work).

Developmentally I’m not sure that much has really changed since 10 months if I’m totally honest. I wrote this a few days before Henry turned 11 months and on the exact day I wrote this, he decided to start babbling properly. So I take it all back!! This babbling stage is hilarious, and he’s pretty close to saying Ninny, Bob and Yeah. Lots of ayes, buhs, yehs, grrrs and mamas are being thrown about at the moment.
We’ve had a couple of standing completely unaided moments, which end with him falling on his bum. And we seem to be doing better and better with weaning and it actually going in rather than being shed all over the floor.

He’s a milk addict still but also loving fruit purees, which we freeze (read about it here). Oh and marmite crumpets, and trifle – lad takes after his mother!!

His current favourite toys are the Fisher Price phone we bought him from some money from Ninny and the hose from our foot pump (that we were using to pump up the paddling pool, which he has shown nearly no interest in, typical).

He’s shot up in height, or at least it feels like it, and his 9-12 sleepsuits are definitely feeling a little snug on his toes.

He’s enjoying being outside and crawling across grass and just generally exploring.

Apart from that everything is mostly the same. He’s still a bubbly little boy who is in love with other children, laughs easily, and gets the hiccups even easier.

Read his 10 month update here.

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