Why bedtime is my favourite time of the day – and not for the reason you might think! + a mini nursery tour

May 24, 2017

I came up with the idea for this post one bedtime and was in a slightly nostalgic and loving mood. By the time I actually got back downstairs from putting Henry down, I was in less of a loving mood with bedtime due to his refusal to actually go to sleep.

However this scenario of bedtime is reasonably rare, and for the most part, our bedtimes are probably my favourite time of the day on a consistent basis – and not because it means kid time has ended and adult time can begin.

No, for us, bedtime is generally a fun and happy experience for the entire family, and ends the day on a high note, which I think is pretty important. Everyone wants to go to sleep happy right?

We’ve had a pretty much set bedtime routine since Henry was 10 weeks old that we follow everyday unless we’ve travelled back home. This means that for the most part, our bedtimes are pretty routine and Henry knows exactly what is going to happen, so we don’t have too much of a fight on our hands (well not too often anyway)

We are fairly relaxed with our timings, and start settling for bed from 6:30pm with no fixed time to be in bed. Once dinner is done, we clean up (every other day is a bath) and then get in pj’s. It’s this time that is amongst my favourites. Between dinner and his bedtime milk is usually when we get the most amount of cuddles and laughs from our little boy. Apart from the fact he laughs when he’s tired, atmosphere in our house is so nice after dinner that it’s easy to just laugh and play.

Once he’s settled in one of our laps for milk comes my second favourite part of the day. The sleepy settling of a little boy cuddling into your arms. I don’t think there is much in the world that beats being hugged and snuggled by a tiny human who feels safe and secure, enough so that they will fall asleep held by you. Yes, of course, the milk does help, but sleepy snuggles are pretty much the best anecdote for any mood or crappy day.

These bees hang above Henry’s bed, and I know I’ve shared them before but man do I adore them!

His little shelf! With badgers, dragons and Beatrix Potter.

One of the most thoughtful gifts from Henry’s Christening. It’s a simple little wooden Noah’s Ark, but my oldest friend Lucy added a gold plaque to it too and I love it so much. Henry isn’t yet allowed to play with it as I love it too much to get damaged!

So back to bedtimes…. Don’t get me wrong, some days I do wish for bedtime to come a little sooner. The days when parenting literally feels like the hardest job on the planet and like brain surgery might be worth a shot instead of looking after the wailing child. Sometimes I just want 7pm to get here a little sooner so I can curl up on the sofa in a tidy house and drink a hot cup of tea and not have to hide the remote from a gummy mouth.

But for the most part, I love bedtime because it reminds me to slow down. There’s no focus on work, on social media, on any part of the outside world. Just us in our home, in our little snug nursery, filled with memories, feeling safe, secure and happy.

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