A first birthday at the zoo

June 21, 2017

For Henry’s first birthday last weekend, we decided instead of a party, we would go to the zoo with a few friends and family.

With him still being young, and not all of our friends having little’s we wanted to do something that everyone would enjoy, especially as we know well how tedious children’s parties can be for non-parents, and well parents too.

So last Saturday we packed up a picnic and headed on over to Marwell Wildlife.

It was certainly a day to remember. Of course we had a great time with some of our nearest and dearest  friends and family, but we also were in the zoo when it went into lockdown as two macaques escaped! The guys were outside of the zoo at the time as they had gone back to the cars to get the picnics, but us girls and Chris (who had his and my sisters lunch with them already) and Henry got shut into the giraffe house until the two loose monkeys were caught. Safe to say, that was an experience! The staff were amazing though, completely professional and calm, and very friendly once everyone was safely inside.

We decided to get Henry a giraffe soft toy to commemorate which Auntie Steph ended up paying for as she loves spoiling Henry. And has fast become his favourite toy.

Thank you to Auntie Alice, Uncle Arran, Auntie Steph, Uncle Chris, Tiff, Chris and Alec for making our day so memorable and helping us to kick off our celebrations!
Also I can’t take credit for the animal photos, they are all Dann! And big thanks to Alice for the family photo, and our giraffe house lockdown selfie, and Arran for the gorgeous photo of my boys!!

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