Am I ready for baby number two?

June 2, 2017

I’ve always always wanted a big family.
I’m the first of three girls. Dann is the first of three too. We both have close age gaps between us and our sisters next in age.
And if I’m totally honest, it’s what I want for my family.

Something that always stuck with me was when my mum said she wished she had siblings, as it would have made dealing with her beloved dads death a tiny bit easier. And I can relate to that. No I don’t see my sisters as much as I would like, or Dann’s sister and brother either, but I do know we are all here for each other in the tough and the happy times. And that’s an invaluable love and relationship, that I want for my family.

So yes, baby number two is definitely on the cards (no, I’m not pregnant and this isn’t some long winded weird announcement!)
I feel so ready to be a mum of two though. Really truly ready. I know it’s going to be hard, but I feel like I’ve settled into the role of mama and now I’ve begun the journey, I want to keep adding to it.

I feel like the newborn days for a second might be less tearful, more relaxed, less anxious. I’m the broodiest I’ve ever been, and most of all, I know Henry is going to be the absolute best big brother a mama could ever ask for.

I’m ready, but it’s not the time just yet.
I need to go back to work, and find that balance of working and parenting.
Henry needs the fun and social interaction of nursery. I know he’s going to gain so much being there, and the nursery is so lovely, and he loves other children so much. (yes I small part of me is dreading all of this, leaving him with other people, and him maybe loving being there more than he loves being with me)

We have to wait for baby number two, but man am I ready!

(definitely, still not pregnant, promise!)

3 responses to “Am I ready for baby number two?”

  1. Siobhan says:

    Lovely photos – I'm really torn about having another as I think it would be great in the long term but dreading going through the baby stage again, have only just got my sleep back lol

  2. Rhian Westbury says:

    It must be quite hard knowing exactly when to start trying for another baby when you have so much left to experience with your first x

  3. Lubka Henry says:

    I also think that I want to have two children. Now baby number one is on the way, so baby number two will be on the list for the next few years.

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