A Farm Birthday

June 23, 2017

So you know we went to the zoo just before Henry’s first birthday? Well to continue the animal theme, we decided to take him to Manor Farm for his actual birthday.

Being a Monday we both took the time off work, and after his morning nap, headed out to the farm. As it was during the week and during term time, the farm was really quiet, and in places it genuinely felt like we had the place to ourselves which suited us perfectly.

We loved seeing the range of animals and introducing Henry to different kinds of wildlife. He was quite taken with the baby goats (as was I) and the horse in the main paddock.

The entire place is absolutely perfect for children, with the old farmhouses set out as wartime homes, including a school room (and a taxidermy dog that creeped me out and gave me quite the shock!) as well as animal greeting sessions and a chance to milk a cow (unfortunately Henry was too young, and too tired for us to stick around for this). Plus they have a huge outside play area with sand pits and a mini racetrack, and play equipment. It was so good we went in twice!

Here’s a farmload of photos!

^^ how utterly cute is this chicken who adopted these baby ducks!! ^^

^^ the piglets!! so so cute!! ^^


We had the absolute nicest day. So much so that we’re considering an annual pass so we can go throughout the year.

Have you got some family adventure recommendations? Hampshire, surrounding areas, or even further afield!! 

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