Happy Father’s Day

Technically this is Dann’s second Father’s Day but as last year Henry was only a week old we didn’t do a huge amount for it, and to be honest we were both still in that newborn bubble and didn’t know what day of the week was half the time!

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write for this post but knew I couldn’t let the occasion pass without writing something! 

To Dann,

You are the best for always getting up first in the mornings with Henry, who is yet to understand that 5am isn’t a great time to start the day. 

You bring the biggest of smiles from our boy. 

You have way more strength than I do to throw Henry up in the air, continuously, just to make him happy.

You make the best pancakes. 

You create the strangest outfits, but I love you anyway, and Henry doesn’t really care! 

You give the best cuddles when I need them most, and when Henry needs them too. 

You are the best father. The one I always dreamed of having for my children.  

You are you, and we love you. 


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